Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kids Say the Darnedest Things...

Yam and Wonder Twins edition.

I rebelled against regulatory red tape and sent the Big Yam into school on Friday with homemade cupcakes for his birthday.  The line from schools is that you're generally supposed to bring in store bought treats but the idea of bringing in grocery store cupcakes in those little plastic clam shell containers broke me inside, so I said, F**K IT, PREMIER MOM, I'M CELEBRATING THE BIG YAM TURNING FIVE IN STYLE.  I asked the Big Yam how they went over, and he said, (and I quote), "Everyone. Freaked. Out." LOL!

Our household accounts for about 1 million of those 6 million views.

My kids are obsessed with orchestral, instrumental music.  Like, OBSESSED.  The Studio Ghibli anniversary concert is back in heavy rotation, and Quincess has taken to pretending to conduct and he mimics Joe Hisaishi's hand motions and it's freakin' adorable.  Other scores in rotation are the theme from How to Train Your Dragon (which seriously makes me cry when the French horns kick in. Every single time), Peter and the Wolf, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  So. Much. Pirates of the Caribbean.  Whenever we hop in Eddie Van Halen the request comes for Pirates of the Caribbean.  To the point where, last weekend, after we had finished one round of the theme, out of nowhere, Quincess said, "I love Pirates of the Caribbean. I love it."  in his cute little lisping Quincess voice and it was so sweet and pure.  That is his first ever unprompted "I love ___" and it was triggered by a Klaus Badelt score?!  My kids are weirdos.

Not in situ, but still cute nonetheless

Lindsay is very good at showing when he's unimpressed with something (which happens a lot, because he is unimpressed when he doesn't get his own way, and about 98.78% of his life is lived in the pursuit of requesting his own way).  He scowls, his brows lower, he purses his lips and then he talks in a growly, stubborn voice.  The other night, at dinner, as he was getting choosy over which green beans we were putting on his plate, we heard this from him: "No want that one bean. Want this one bean. ALL DAY." In his scowling, pouty, low voice.   LOL!  We died laughing.

Thanksgiving, man.  What's better?  Nothing.  We spent the weekend with family, eating good food, going on nature hikes, thinking about how the two best people in the world (Dr. Rei and Hanbo) got hitched, thinking about how my Big Yam is now five (!!!!!), celebrating his birthday, and getting lit on the good vibes.  It was a good time, though a bit of a whirlwind.

I measured the Big Yam against his closet door frame and the kid has grown about 10cm (close to 4") in a year.  UMMM...IS THAT LEVEL OF GROWTH SUSTAINABLE?!?  He's only FIVE?!??!!!  Is he Andre the Giant?

 On the first of two nature hikes we undertook.  Our attempt to get a decent family photo thwarted by: my crazy hair, my crazy smile, my crazy outfit, the Big Yam's inveterate goofiness, the impossibility of getting all the kids looking in the direction of a camera at the same time without (and oftentimes with) serious coercion

 This 2 photo series cracks me up.  Quincess' mouth is stuffed with one of the Belgian waffles that are a Farmer's Market staple for us

This seriously might be as good as the Xmas card this year gets, folks.

 Love this pic of my sibs and all our SOs

 The Thanksgiving table!  Featuring 15 people all crammed around in my mouse house

 My bird

The plate: my bird, my sausage-sage stuffing, my gravy, Manda's mashed potatoes, my sis' green bean casserole (to die for) and squash puree

One of two desserts: pumpkin pie with salted caramel and whipped cream

The Big Yam's smile!

The Big Yam's birthday cake - chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and salted caramel buttercream

Even though we pooched the picture day outfit, the Big Yam saved us with this hilariousness.  Ummm...why does he look like a 23 year old?!?

 An enchilada casserole that I froze over a year (!) ago, brought out for Taco Tuesday.  It was good.

I used leftover turkey (the sinewy dark meat parts from the drumstick and the firm parts from the wing) in this turkey and wild rice soup.  I served it with my go-to cheddar sage biscuits (I omit the bacon).  The soup turned out very thick and required a lot of thinning with extra broth/water/cream.  Next time, I'd keep the flour portion at 1/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup.  It tasted like the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner, reimagined.

This was my first week at the new job.  I love having a private office (!) and the work is interesting, although because I worked right up until last Friday, my head is in two places...this weekend will be a nice chance for me to decompress and get myself back into the headspace.


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