Monday, November 17, 2014

Off My Chest

Iggy Azalea looks exactly like the Wayans brothers as "white chicks."

THE RELIEF!  I've been sitting on this for a while.

Work has been very busy and I've taken on a lot of new projects and leadership opportunities so I'm feeling excited and engaged and committed.  These are all good things.  Even as I complain about being swamped with stuff, there's nothing I love more than having all pistons firing, a holdover from my adrenalin junkie days as a line cook.  I love skirting the line between being comfortably in the weeds - in control, feeling the rush and pressure, teetering on the edge - and full-on, ohgodnevergettingoutofthisone, f**ked.  Being busy is good.  Slow is not good.  Just starting back up at work after an extended 15 month leave and after finding out I didn't get a job I wanted slow is even worse.  I'm feeling more like myself.

One of the reasons I could never work at home - I love, love, love my work clothes.  I've got a good thing going on this year, style wise, and while some of you would scoff and think that how you look is the least important aspect of the job, I respectfully disagree.  Putting on my work clothes and looking good is a key component in my mindset when I set off to face 10 hours away from my family, home life, and my true self (braless in pajamas and home clothes).  That moment when you take off your's f**king magic, guys.  I've remarked on more than one occasion that I feel sorry for the Dotytron that he will never experience the unique pleasure that is taking off an underwire bra at the end of a work day.

Anyway, because I can't fit gracefully into a lot of my existing work clothes, I've had to revisit and rejig.  I'm doing a lot of scoop-necked t-shirts tucked into my ever-reliable black Gap skinnies, or pencil skirts, blazers, and my equally workhorse booties when I want to look a bit extra (flats the rest of the time).  Inspired by this Madewell pic:

Flannel shirts with the sleeves rolled just-so (mastering the J Crew sleeve roll while on maternity leave this time around was a major milestone), booties, fishnets.  These flannel shirts do double-duty on weekends when I throw them open over neutral scoop necked t-shirts and jeans/skinnies.  Lady dresses in colours with slouchy blazers.  Button down shirts under crew-necked form-fitting sweaters (untucked) or short-sleeves layered over long sleeve slim-cut dress shirts.  Sleeves rolled over blazer cuffs.  I want things to look a little unpolished.  A little undone.  Basically like as if I was a million feet taller, was a baller, worked in a more creative industry.  I'm currently on the hunt for a big, oversized, boxy outer coat that I can wear with the insouciant jeunesse of a Madewell model - looking thrown together in casual neutrals:

It's such an effortless style.  I like it to be punched up a bit with colour, some fancier pieces, but I like this look as a building block or foundation.  My non-pajama weekend clothes have been suffering lately.  After buttoning and stocking and heeling myself up during the work week, it's really hard for me to get behind anything even vaguely constrictive on weekends.  I've settled on a semi-uniform of sweatshirt dresses and leggings or boyfriend jeans and thin T shirts.  But boyfriend jeans are a summer phenomena.  What shoes go with winter boyfriend jeans, I ask you?  Short answer: I don't know and since this post was first drafted (two weeks ago), I've developed a new winter casual uniform which is basically dressing like any 90s era grunge rocker.  

The No Warning guys set up a commemorative shirt honoring Cousin Al, with proceeds to benefit his wife.  I bought one, so I've been wearing that, with stonewash boyfriend jeans, and a flannel shirt, layered on top.  I look like the cast of Wayne's World, in character.  It's kind of awesome.

I've got many thoughts and many feelings about various issues - parent council related (I joined the Big Yam's school's parent council), parenting related, politics related, tickling related, pop culture related (recently finished Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl and watched David Fincher's Gone Girl), vacation related, etc., etc., so I'll just end with some random ephemera that wouldn't necessarily fit anywhere else (as if these posts are ever thematically/structurally sound!)

I saw a woman on the TTC, headed to work, and around her neck she was wearing a big, chunky, silver, Tiffany-looking necklace, which had a little square charm on it (like 1" square) and in it was a picture of her toddler son.  OK.  Am I wrong for finding that super weird and gross?  Obviously it is SO NOT ME, but even at that, I'm like, isn't that kind of unprofessional?  You expect to be taken seriously like that?  I dunno, I wouldn't take someone seriously if they came to work or met clients in a business setting like that.  It's so...suburban.  

Someone we know was talking about Cirque du Soleil and how prior to having kids they had gone to EVERY production that had come to Toronto and I was relaying that to the Dotytron and he said, "That almost verges on 'TMI' for me."  LOL!  It's so true!  Finding out that you are super-into Cirque du Soleil is way too revealing.  

Lagerfeld, out.


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