Thursday, May 29, 2014

Helmut Newton...

...has left the building.

By that I mean, that at our Sick Kids orthotics visit on Monday, Quincess had a head scan and has hit (or exceeded) all the benchmarks we had wanted to.  There are all these vectors they measure: quadrant to quadrant symmetry, the overall cranial vault asymmetry index, etc.  His head circumference has increased by almost 2cm since we started in late January.  It's been so hot these past few days and he was such a little sweatball that we had decided that if there wasn't going to be much projected growth in the next month, we'd just call it now.  Since he's hit all his markers, then we were good to go.  Look at how much his head shape has changed since the first time:

Look at how lopsided his little head was!  

I'll forego the suspense.  After 5 months of 23 hour-a-day helmet wearing, here he is:

Just kidding.  That's Lenny.

 Here he is, for real:

Look at that little sweet face!  

Hanbo referred to Quincess as "Helmut Newton" once and it was (is) the best nickname ever.  He really does look so much better.  The back is still a little flat, but not nearly as pronounced as it was, and the bulging on one side has completely evened out.

I have no time for more - packing up my kitchen and bathroom and today I had all three kids to myself ALL DAY and I am super fart-sacked.  I will say that the brightest moment for me today was when I went to the park with my neighbour's nanny, who is hands-down the best nanny I've ever encountered.  So present, so full of energy, patience, Montessori-trained, ECE trained, so many projects (daily science experiments, philosophy, Waldorf-y type stuff, Socratic method) - she's like, a next-level nanny.  She's young too - like, 25 or something and just loves working with kids and it shows.  So I've been doing the odd thing with her on Thursdays because my neighbour and I had a semi-regular overlapping maternity leave date that I've continued with the nanny, when available.  I had just come back from a peeing-on-the-park-slide reset with the Big Yam and she asked me what I used to do before having the kids, and I told her, and she said she thought I used to work in childcare because I'm so good with kids.


I've seriously been coasting on that all day, LOL!  I'm on my best behaviour around her, because I want her approval, and guys, it TOTALLY worked.  On a day like today (when I started at 5:30am and had all three kids home with me and it's 10pm and the Dotytron isn't home yet) in a week like this week (when there's so much upheaval and I have to pack everyone up to live out of the home and also pack up 2 major rooms in the house, and project manage the renos in addition to all my other admin), that kind of comment is enough to give me the boost I need to stay a calm, centered, reflective, and present parent.

I'm trying to be less reactionary and more calm (I say that all the time, but this week especially!) because the Big Yam has been having some major regressions and I think it's stress and anxiety related and the thought of him being all stressed out and anxious is like, the saddest.  So before we would react rather sternly to potty-training issues (especially since he's been trained for almost a full year) but we're just trying to be chill, and supportive, and not censorious, and just all around shower him with love and attention because he's obviously going through something and doesn't have the wherewithal to either a) properly express it; b) recognize it; or c) even identify the cause.  Poor little boobla.  It makes me so sad to think of him being uneasy to the point where it's been manifested in physical behaviours.  I think the kindergarten open house last week kind of made s**t really real for him and I think he's stressed about it.

I love that little nugget.


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