Saturday, March 01, 2014

Such a B

The other night, while I was gently enforcing the rules of the memory game I was playing with the Big Yam, he gave me this exasperated sigh and said, "Ugh, you're such a B, mama!  Why are you such a B!?"  It was hilarious.  He thinks he means the insect, but this means we really have to start censoring ourselves.  For real.  This time, it's serious.

Lately the Big Yam has been practising being "annoyed" or "upset" or saying stuff like, "are you playing a trick on me?" or "you're mean."  This all came to a head on Monday morning when we were doing our morning cuddles and he asked if he could have breakfast at home.  I said, no, you have breakfast at Miss J's house.  "I don't want to go to Miss J's house."  Okay, fine.  I asked why.  "Because she hits me."  !!!!!  Note: he said the same thing about me a couple of weeks ago.  Knowing full well that J doesn't hit, ever, I asked some probing questions.  The troubling thing is he came up with a whole story about it!  Granted, the story devolved after two sentences into some altercation between two of his daycare homies that was completely unrelated to the initial part of the story of J hitting him.  The cheek!  And this is why children make unreliable witnesses, people.  I didn't really know how to handle it.  I obviously want him to feel comfortable telling me when someone for real hits him, but I also want to gently impress upon him the seriousness of making up libelous and slanderous accusations like that.  What it comes down to is that he's super-obsessed with eating peanut butter on toast every morning and J doesn't let him have it every single day of his life.  Oh the indignity.

That being said, he's also been the sweetest.  We've gotten into the habit of indulging "sleepovers" (where one of us, usually me, sleeps in his bed with him) during the week.  When it comes time to break it to him that he won't be getting a sleepover, he gets all distraught: "But I'll miss you!  Whyyyyy?" and when I tell him that I'm going to have a sleepover with Baba, he says stuff like, "No! You're not allowed sleep-overing on a school night!  You're supposed to sleep all alone!"  The logic is sound.  My neighbour was telling me about her friend's son who said something along the lines of: "How come you're so big and you get to sleep with someone else but I'm the smallest and I have to sleep all by myself?"  You make a lot of sense, random kid I don't know.  Parents are the worst!  We know how good it feels to sleep next to someone you love and yet, we insist on making our kids sleep alone, especially during the years when they're starting to be more aware of their surroundings and start having legitimate fears.  We've talked about it, and neither of us thinks it's a big deal to get some extra smooshing in with our eldest - he's not going to want physical displays of affection forever, so why not get your hugs in while you can?

We recently watched the newest Disney animated movie, Frozen and he's been all over it.  He loves the songs and he loves pretending to be the main princess character, Elsa.  It's so freakin' cute.

In Wonder Twins news, they are the cutest.  Cutting their first tooth.  Babbling away (Leonard), hissing in a combination of Parseltongue/Mogwai (Quincess).  Eating a tonne.  I'm starting to get legit scared about our future grocery bills when the boys are grown.  We're totally going to need a second fridge.  Leonard has started this annoying thing where he's literally turning his nose up at purées I give him that aren't seasoned.  He does this dramatic head turn that is simultaneously the most aggravating thing and yet also, quite endearing.  He's a pig.  He can't fist food into his gaping mouth fast enough and usually starts bawling in between spoonfuls.  The limiting factor is how fast you can scoop more food out of the bowl and back into his mouth.  Leonard also likes to treat the Quincess' tray as an extension of his own.  So he'll finish his portion and then start surveying and pawing around Quincess' tray, often grabbing food right out of the Great Gazoo's hand.  He also makes a mess of everything, whereas the Quincess is so dainty.  Quincess opens his little rosebud mouth just the teensiest bit, and will sit and masticate each bite for a good minute or two before swallowing.  Couldn't be more different.  Couldn't be more adorable.

How much cornbread should a baby eat?

We've had a couple of low-key weekends.  Last weekend Dr. Rei and Hanbo came over for an edition of 80s Settlers, Chicago style deep dish pizza, and the ongoing tradition of Hanbo making critical decision-making errors early in the game.  This weekend is pretty relaxed and wide open.  I'm liking this pace.  It gives me the option of watching True Detective during the day instead of at night (and thereby reducing the possibility that I will contract a bladder infection from being too paralysed with fear to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night) and perhaps carve out some crafting time.  I need this level of restoration.  It's done wonders for my mind set and helped pull me out of my overwhelmed, anxious state that I was in a month ago.  

The Big Yam is way better at controlling his emotions now, as are we.  He's started talking back, which I think is normal, and while it does initially put me into a murderous rage, I'm better at just staying calm (but shrill!) and he's usually brought back into line with the warning of time out and by the stern (and shrill!) impression upon that such behaviour is unacceptable and will result in the loss of privileges.  I really feel like age 3 was a huge turning point, and it's been so much easier since then.

Looking very similar

Love the Big Yam's expression in this cousins shot from the Family Day long weekend!  He looks like a little man!

I made moussaka for dinner and it was a huge hit.  Ground lamb-tomato sauce mixture spiced with cinnamon, oregano, chili flakes, layered with pre-broiled, oiled, salted eggplant slices, sliced potato (that could have used a quick par-boil), and topped with a bechamel studded with crumbled feta and baked.  So very delicious!

The Chicago deep dish  with Dr. Rei's ceasar salad

Homemade sausage & egg mcmuffins.  I used a greased mason jar ring to make the round egg and it was a turning point in the Dotytron-Lagerfeld breakfast sandwich idiom

Cheddar broccoli soup and this delicious toast.  Basically: Ace bakery garlic oval, sliced, spread with my garlic butter and toasted on high heat until it's crisp on the edges but still chewy in the middle.  Spread with basil-scape pesto from my freezer, and white beans that I mashed with lemon zest, roasted garlic cloves, and some fresh rosemary.  Topped with a drizzle of good olive oil and some sea salt.  Delicious!


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