Monday, March 24, 2014

Blue Moon

The Dotytron has been obsessed with Beck's new album, Morning Phase lately and I wasn't feeling it as a whole - it's too sad and wintery and morose for me, but one of the songs that immediately grabbed me is Blue Moon.  So gorgeous.  Perfectly encapsulates this never-ending winter and grey days slowly bleeding into more sun and slightly warmer temperatures and green shoots in our garden and the promise of bike rides and beach picnics and shorts and low tennis sneakers.  I will say that the album makes for good listening while sitting on the couch at night with a quilt piled on your lap hand-sewing binding on.  Maybe the Dotytron is wearing me down?  Sewing binding on a quilt is one of my ALL TIME favorite tasks.  It makes you feel like SUCH a pioneer (and y'all know how much I love playing at pioneer life).

Guys, I just bought a jean shirt and it's CHANGED MY LIFE.  Summer uniform!  I'm going to wear it as a jacket over all my hippie sundresses and love life.  I also bought these sneakers:

I'm picturing a summer uniform of jean shorts, t shirts, and one of my many billion summer dresses all paired with these.  They're pretty cute, I must say, and I like that you can throw them in the wash.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to winter foods (I never am), but I am ready to stop worrying about losing gloves and putting a billion layers on squirmy babies.

This braised barley dish with fried eggs & parm is exactly the kind of winter food I don't want to say goodbye to, just yet.  Adapted from this recipe, and made slightly less virtuous with the addition of crisped pancetta cubes and the use of frozen beef braising liquid to cook the barley in.  So good!  I love kale.  

Sour cream peach pie.  A little watery from the frozen peaches, but I still ate the whole thing (not the slice, the whole PIE) because I'm not one to look a gift pie in the plate (new expression, trust).

My mom and youngest bro's birthday cake - a golden cake (from Smitten Kitchen, here) and a salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream.  

Friday night was crunch wrap night and we all couldn't have been happier.  Especially the Wonder Twins, who acted like they had never tasted food before.

Sunday morning breakfast was my long longed-for blintzes.  Served up very non-Kosher with English bacon.  
Fish tacos!


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