Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Good Dad

When Lindsay was at the height of his staring-intently-at-his-fist thing a few weeks back and I was a little worried about just how intense he was fixated on something so boring (to me), I said to the Dotytron one night, "Do you think his hand thing is because of the holes in his brain?" and the Dotytron took a minute and then said, "Look, the point is, at the end of the day, Lindsay is awesome.  If you spend your time thinking about the holes in his brain and what might be attributed to them, then you're missing out on how awesome he is."  That right there is a good dad, folks.  

I took the Wonder Twins to the RSV clinic to get their vaccine last week.  RSV is this common cold virus that can be deadly to preemies so they vaccinate them against it.  Instead of triggering your bodies existing antibodies, the babies are actually being injected with live antibodies, so they have to go ONCE A MONTH FOR FIVE MONTHS to get the shot.  Yay preemies!  During the course of the visit they were seen by one of the paediatricians at the hospital, who is also the principle ped in the NICU.  She looked at their charts and said that as of the August ultrasound, Lindsay's cysts in the troublesome spot linked to periventricular leukomalacia had resolved themselves and all he has are choroid plexus cysts, which are benign (cysts there show a weak linkage with some chromosomal abnormalities which the babies clearly don't have).  For some reason though, our regular paediatrician and our family doctor missed that part of the report, so we're holding off on celebrating until the three doctors talk and we get a final ruling.
So basically, best case scenario: Lindsay stares at his fist because he's a regular weirdo, not because he has problematic brain holes.

This past weekend was crazytown.  Friday: last sports class and then the neighbour kid came over to play which meant no Big Yam nap which meant that by 6pm he was in full bull mode.  We can't get him to nap and he so, so desperately needs one.  It's impossible.  Saturday: got the Big Yam skates and a helmet because the BEST SKATING RINK IN TORONTO just opened in our park and we're going to take him skating.  Then it was time to check out this new indoor play space that opened up in our 'hood (http://sproutskids.ca/).  This place is a license to print money.  The inside is all indoor play stuff that's all birch and modern colours and yuppie-parent catnip.  It's 3000 square feet (which isn't really all that big) and has three rooms where they're going to offer arts classes, ballet/dance, and yoga.  Nice, design-y bathrooms with a unified color aesthetic.  Here's the rub: memberships are NINETY FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH.  Uhh, that's more than a gym membership, yo!  It's owned by someone who used to work on "Rich Bride Poor Bride."  The open house was SWAMPED so I can see how they're probably going to make tonnes of money.  Birthday party packages are $700 for TEN kids!!!  Toronto is nuts!  I think the maximum age that this place is suitable for is age 4, even though they say 0-6.  If I was a full time SAHM, I could maybe see it?  It would be handy in the winter months, but there are so many free drop-ins and such that I don't know who would actually buy a membership.  A 6 visit pass that has to be used within 3 months is $55.  That's probably the route we're going to go with.

So we did that.  Then, onto activity three of the day, which was taking the Big Yam to see Dora the Explorer.  First time at the theatre!  He LOVED it.  Turned to me during the intermission all worried-face: "Is it over???"  He is at the perfect age - he BELIEVES.  I felt so guilty for not taking him to see a live performance earlier.  He was rapt - mouth agape, blindly eating popcorn, craning his neck for a better view, shouting and singing along.  Super-cute.  

With the Dora crew, holding his borrowed swag

Another cute thing that happened earlier in the day during breakfast - the Big Yam had scarfed two hard boiled eggs and was eating a bowl of O's.  He asked for another egg and I said no, and then he got SO SAD.  Like, unbelievably sad.  Like, mouth full of milk and O's, eyes welling up, down-turned lips slowly leaking milk, sniffling - it was tragicomedy at its finest.  So I gave him and gave him another hard boiled egg, because he is my son.  Go figure the girl who wanted to find a way to monetize her ability to eat hard-boiled eggs would have a son who CRIES when denied a third egg.  LOL.  In Cleveland, he was pestering me for a hard boiled egg and finally I was like, "Dotytron! Just give him an egg!" and the Dotytron had to say, "You realize he's already had 4?"  

Then we went to the FOURTH activity of the day, which was dinner at JJ & S's house with the Discerning Coyote and his gf.  Love those guys, so hard.  It was a Hanukkah themed dinner - I brought a sage, apple, and chicken liver pate, and Thomas Keller's salmon rillettes, and they made an amazing brisket, latkes, salad, applesauce, and S's favorite cheesecake, which they always underbake so it's extra, extra creamy.  I dream about that cheesecake.  We then played Bananagrams and Catchphrases with their kids.  It was so much fun.

Sunday was equally bucksauce.  Last swimming class of the fall season, then we went to a birthday part at Playground Paradise, which is this city-run indoor playground which is AMAZING.  $2.50!  It's the bee's knees!  They have foam building things, a ball pit, huge climbing structures and slides, and those padded hanging bars that kids run through and scream their heads off while doing it:

Way to go, city of Toronto parks and recreation.  Color me impressed.  Then it was back to our neighbour's house for cake and chaos.  The poor little Big Yam was so tired that he was falling asleep eating bites of leftover brisket and was in full sleep mode by 6pm:

Caught in the act of dual Jolly Jumpering

We've gotten the advent calendar started and we put out the wreath and the Dotytron has started his annual hunt for a live tree that lives up to his olfactory expectations, which coincides with his annual obsessive tinkering with the outdoor light display, which resulted in me going to Canadian Tire yesterday to peruse their pathetic old school non LED Christmas lightbulb selection to find multicolored "twinklers" to complete his vignette.  


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