Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Dreamed A Dream

My dreams are usually distressingly pedestrian and easy to interpret.  Like, I'll have a dream that my brother, Bruce Wayne, is trying to "sell" me cell phones that he probably got for free that are two generations behind with dubious battery life.  Because it's awesome making money off your blood relatives?  Then, when I ask him if he'd give me a refund on said phone if I find that the battery life is just as crappy as my current phone I'm looking to replace, he'll say something like, "No. If you were to buy the phones privately, you wouldn't get terms like that."  WHICH IS SO NICE AND CUDDLY AND ISN'T HE THE SWEETEST, MOST GENEROUS PERSON, OMG HE'S THE BESSSSSSST!!!

Wait.  That's really happening.  Let it be put on the record that in my family, somehow, I'm known as the cheap and selfish one.

The other night I had a dream that I broke up (amicably) with the Dotytron and had started dating Loki from the Thor movies.  Who looks like this, by the way:

A-mazing.  In a dream storyline ripped straight from Friday Night Lights, the Dotytron had started dating a pretty Mexican girl.  Even though the break-up was friendly and I was on good terms with the Dotytron and didn't wish him any ill will, in a page ripped straight from my damned self, dream me was still petty enough to call immigration on the Dotyron's new girlfriend and get her deported.  LOL!  I'M THE WORST (Dotytron, when I told him about the dream: "So, you're literally DATING A GOD, but you were still psycho enough to call immigration on my girlfriend?")  Then, I was hanging with my work girls MHui and G and we were getting all hyphy in  the back of a cab on the way to a New Year's Eve party wearing homemade white t-shirts with Animal from the Muppets' face printed on them.  Finally, Loki was going to meet us there because he lived in a rural area and was waiting to get a lift from his parents.

So good.


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Auntie Tiff said...

Best dream ever!