Thursday, October 10, 2013


...and it feels so good.  I went to the special breastfeeding clinic on Tuesday.  This is one that requires a special doctor's referral - it's not in a hospital, it's a dedicated staffer, etc.  So I go and the lactation specialist asks me a tonne of questions and then is like, "Ummm...I'm not sure why you were referred here?"  She asked how much I pump in a session and when I told her, she said that's a lot.  She said the Great Gazoo's weight gain of 20g/day is really good, considering that usually by this age, their weight gain tends to slow down and taper off.  She said that tandem feeding was fine and didn't really have much to add.  The only suggestion she had was to switch them mid-feed, because that might stimulate a different let down.  

Other than that, it was just sitting and chatting and she had one other handy suggestion, which was that if I'm out and about and want to give them formula because breastfeeding is a pain, that I could give them an avocado instead.  I had thought that Health Canada's guidelines were breastfeed exclusively until at least six months, but apparently the WHO have changed things and are back on the 4 month solid tip.  Basically, they want the babies to get whole food, or anything BUT formula.  

I was also seen by a paediatrician there and she examined both babies and was like, "You're doing great, mum!" I repeated the thing about the Great Gazoo's 5th percentile status and she was like, "So? As long as the growth is consistent and doesn't dip, it doesn't matter - that's just his body type."  Which is totally what I thought!  I mean, yeah, it's concerning that I might have a kid who is going to be runty for his whole life, especially compared to his giant Big Yam brother and comparatively fatso Prof. Gantok twin.  But for now?  His 5th percentile-ness is so darned cute!  Especially when he catches you looking and smiling at him and gives you his gappy, wide-mouthed, tongue-biting shy grin.  Both of the Wonder Twins have such wee little moufs, but when they smile, it goes from ear to ear.

The upshot of all this was: it was reassuring and good to hear and a reminder that I should continue to trust my instincts.  

We are currently preparing operation "99 Luftballons" for the Big Yam's 3rd birthday tomorrow!  Basically, that means we've wrapped his presents and put them downstairs in the living room, which we are going to fill with balloons.  The original plan was to fill his room with balloons, but considering that he gets up at 6am and it's still dark out, the Dotytron (wisely) surmised that stepping on a pile of balloons might be terrifying in the dark.  We went with the: want, need, wear, read style of present-giving.  We've gotten him a Cranky the crane from Thomas from his brothers (want?), and a Toby train (need?), hand-me-down Thomas pajamas (wear), and 3 new books (read, duh).  I had all these high concept plans to take him to the new aquarium that's opening up, but the opening date has been delayed (which makes sense to me.  Remember when you were a kid and brought home a goldfish in a bag and you had to put the bag with the goldfish in it in a bowl of water to acclimate the goldfish to the new environment?  Imagine that with like, sharks and moray eels and stuff!), so I went lower concept.  We're going to his rec sports class and because it's going to be nice outside, we're going to a pirate ship park in the Beach with our neighbours and then coming home for a nap, then his favorite food (Indian).  

We will be seeing both sets of family over the course of Thanksgiving weekend, so tomorrow night it's just us.  I invited all the neighbourhood rugrats for cake outside.  IT'S NOT A PARTY, I stressed loudly.  Since everyone is outside anyway, just singing and cake (the best parts!) and NO PRESENTS (I also stressed loudly).  

I made him a Totoro cake and soot sprite cupcakes in order to feed everyone (with all the usual suspects and their parents on the street - it's upwards of 30 people, total).  Here is the source material:


Soot sprites

And here's what I did:

I baked the cake last weekend and froze it.  I made one 8" round and one 10" cake round.  Then this morning, when the cakes were partially defrosted, I used the 10" cake pan to trace and cut a chunk out of the 8" cake to make a place to join the cakes together.  I used the chunk I cut out to make the ears:

Then I tinted a vanilla butter roux frosting with black paste food colouring and outlined the tummy with a piping bag.  I found it easiest to pipe the frosting and then smooth it out with an offset spatula.  I used white chocolate disks for the eyes and black gel decorating icing for the whiskers.  Easy!  The cupcakes were even easier.  I made 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes and made a chocolate frosting.  Spread the frosting on the cupcakes and then dipped them in black sprinkles.  Then stuck two candy eyes on top.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

He won't be in daycare tomorrow so I sent some cupcakes to daycare today for his homies.  Except...he didn't eat the cupcake.  Everyone else went to town and loved up life and the Big Yam ate the candy eyes and wouldn't touch the cupcake.  

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday breakfast tomorrow and he said, "Chinese food" and the Dotytron and I looked askance at each other because he usually hates the food of his people.  Then we were like, "are you sure you want Chinese food?" and without missing a beat he said yes and he wanted the "cake" (this Malaysian sweet steamed cake) he had  had TWO MONTHS AGO.  LOL!  It obviously made an impression.  So funny.

Anyway...99 luftballons are calling!


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