Sunday, October 27, 2013

Too Mad to Write

We just came back from our park's annual fall festival.  The one put on by the organization that invited me by email to help, but remained eerily silent when I told them that I would only help insofar as providing a new strategic direction, revamping their website and social media presence, and growing the organization (i.e. if they put me in charge.)

They had a "best pie" competition, which I mean, already - there are HUGE problems with.  They only had 6 entries.  And it's a bitch to serve pie outdoors when it's cold and you need all this stupid pie infrastructure - plates, forks, serving utensils.  My idea?  A cookie/bar bake-off.  You'd have WAY more people participating, it's easy to make enough to feed a crowd, and they're portable.  AND THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD LET ME RUN THINGS, PEOPLE!

Anyway, one of the contestants was this like, 9 year old kid and I called it from the get-go: "they're going to give it to the kid."  He made some kind of chocolate pie that he clearly had parental help with.  So of course, kid pie gets first prize and the kid is a TOTAL DICK about winning.  Like, they announce the winner and he's got both arms in the air and is like, "YES!!! I TOLD YOU I'D WIN!" and parading around the park.  Then he TOOK HIS PIE AWAY so that festival participants couldn't partake.  WHAT A DICK!  My problem is that I can't refrain from saying, probably too loudly to the Dotytron, "Ummm, that kid is being a real D about things."  I'm so mad!  I hate gimme prizes to kids!  Eff that!

While I cool down from the injustices of the world, allow me to show you some Wonder Twins videos:

In this one, you'll see the Great Gazoo get a little perturbed 
when Prof. Gantok tries to latch his head.

This one is kind of boring, but I was impressed with the Great Gazoo
for engaging in some self-directed play.

Fall Festival was just the second of three activities today.  We've got a birthday party this afternoon.  Then home for a rest.


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