Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Things the Big Yam is afraid of:

- a Richard Scarry dog with an eye patch on
- Dora the Explorer when she's dressed as a witch:

- the troll from the Halloween episode of Dora (the dude on the right):

- when Thomas the steam engine crashes into a pile of rocks.

LOL!  Lately, when stuff has been scaring him while he watches a show, he runs into the kitchen for the scary party.  Last night, we were watching the Halloween episode of Dora where the troll (pictured above) shows up and the Big Yam ran into the kitchen so the Dotytron was like, "What are you doing in there?" and the Big Yam was so scared he jumped when he heard the Dotytron's voice.  Poor little bubby!  What a scaredy cat.

Last night we were looking after our neighbour's daughter.  She stayed over quite late so while I was changing her and the Big Yam into their pajamas, the Big Yam asked (when the neighbour was in her skivvies), "Mama, what does ___ have on her...on her...on her down side?" (he got this out while jumping up and down on his bed).  Me: "___ has a vagina."  "A MAH-JINA?!?" *explodes in laughter at the ridiculousness of it all*

In other news, there's this girl I'm kind of internet friends with who, after the Wonder Twins were born, sent me this message that was part congratulatory and part-warning that they had wanted to name their (soon-to-be-born) baby, Prof. Gantok's given name.  The tenor of the message was slightly panicky and I emailed her back telling her that it's all good, there's no such thing as name stealing, I wouldn't think twice, etc.  Cut to four months later.  Her baby is born and named Prof. Gantok's given name.  Today, I randomly tweeted about how it grinds me that someone in our neighbourhood copied our wifi network name.  AND GUESS WHO CAME OUT OF THE WOODWORK?!?  She tweeted back something that to me, seems to either consciously or unconsciously speak to anxiety about the baby name thing.  It was weird!!!  And kind of hilarious.  This is what parenting has become in the modern age, people.  Individual name anxiety and competition through the vehicle of passive aggressive tweets:

My thoughts exactly, Prof. Gantok.

In other news, Dr. Rei linked me to this not-so-blind item, which documents this girl's terrible date with a thinly disguised Canadian celebrity, who everyone knows is Jian Ghomeshi.  Now, the girl lays it on all kinds of thick and is a terrible writer.  She really milks a pretty minimal situation for all it's worth.  I'm a pretty active Jian hater, but even I felt sorry for the guy.  Other than getting inappropriately handsy (and I in no way condone dudes getting handsy - DUDES, DON'T GET HANDSY.  IT'S GROSS AND YOU'RE CRUISIN' FOR A BRUISIN').  But the best (the best!) part is when she lets him down and he (allegedly) sends her this text: “Eeep! Totes diff. vibe from yest.”  LOL x a billion.  "Eeep! Totes diff. vibe from yest." will never not be funny and I've basically been using it in every situation.  I'm surprised that there isn't a twitter handle with that name, who only tweets those words at Jian all day, every day.

This weekend was nice.  I spent all day Saturday with Dr. Rei and we cruised the Queen West strip and had an epic, leisurely stroll and chat where we saw the world - friends from Kdubs! Fourtet's sister! A bunch of other peeps!  It was so nice and so needed.  Completely recharged me.  Then on Sunday, Momma D hosted a "meet the Wonder Twins" party at her casa for the Dotytron's side of the family.  There were 3 different kinds of cake:

My sentiments exactly, the Great Gazoo.

On Saturday I didn't feel like cooking after an epic day out, so we ordered takeout from Tabule, this newish Middle Eastern restaurant that opened up in our 'hood.  The food was on the pricey side for that kind of cuisine - we got the beef/lamb kefta, the chicken shish taouk, and a fattoush salad (love me a fattoush salad), but the portions were larger and it was tasty.  It's a nice addition to the 'hood - the flavour profiles are more refined than say, our Afghani kebab place, but it's a little expensive to be put in the regular Friday Night Takeout Night rotation.

I'm trying to be less of a fat little weirdo, which means we've been eating big salads.  This was sooo good.  My take on a Waldorf: shredded kale as a base, with chunks of barbecue dry-rubbed roasted chicken, apples, celery, halved grapes, red onion, and toasted pecans, dressed in a buttermilk-maple dill dressing.  So good!  So crunchy, sweet, salty, and satisfying.  I love me a big salad.

We continued the big salads on Monday with taco salad: seasoned chicken/beef mix piled on top of more shredded kale and iceberg lettuce, with freshly fried corn tortilla strips, tomatillo salsa, guacamole, sour cream, a bit of shredded cheddar, and chopped tomatoes.  So good.

Last night in defiance of the weather I made us a squash and pear soup with cheddar sage biscuits.  It did not go over well with the neighbour's kid.  

Tonight we tried Gelato Pizza - I had to pick up the Big Yam from daycare and we went on a long walk to meet the Dotytron at his massage appointment.  It was close by.  I was prepared to hate but it was aight.  Thick-crusted and like a tastier Pizza Pizza alternative (Pizza Pizza is garbage, I know).  I'm not trying to damn with faint praise.  This was decent.  I might like it better than delivery Pizza Nova?  Time will tell.

This week has been kind of mental so far.  I have to get the babies' blood work done and went to a clinic my doctor had recommended, but they turned me away!  They said I should go to Sick Kids' because they're better equipped to handle getting blood from babies this young.  For some reason, I thought it was going to be a heel prick, like they do in the hospital, but it's not!!!  They actually have to use the little tourniquets and find their little veins!!! UGH.  Don't want to have to watch that.  It's going to be hell.  I recruited my mum to go with me.  Anyway, tomorrow I have two different appointments for the little booblas.  Oy.  It never ends. 

On the plus side, there's this:

He looks so much like my mum, here!  

These two.


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