Thursday, October 31, 2013

C'est L'Halloween!

Finally able to catch a breath around here to post.  The good news: everything is all lined up so that Halloween can happen.  Phew!  I've planned an easy dinner (read: Kraft Dinner and hot dogs), the costumes are done, the pumpkins are carved, and everything is pretty much in place.  Let's cross our fingers.

Pic heavy post today - clearing out the back catalogue for those interested (all 3 of you).  

This selfie took about 20 million tries and in the end, I missed getting Prof. Gantok in the photo.  This photo is notable for a few things: the fact that the Great Gazoo looks nothing like himself, how amazing my hair looks, and little baby moobs

This is me, Dr. Rei, and the Great Gazoo, all wearing the same uniform.  This is after Dr. Rei rallied from being the grumpiest mcgoo you've ever done seen.  

Then this happened.  Prof. Gantok's favorite thing is to show you the whites at the top of his eyes.  When I took art in high school, one of the things we learned in portraiture was to not do the kid-drawing thing where you draw a person's eye and show the whole, round iris in it.  Most people's eyelids cover the iris so you only see 2/3 of the round.  Major exception: Prof. Gantok.  

Selfie with 3!

I kinda phoned in this year's pumpkins.  This is a Totoro one.  I free handed it.  

This is the ghost from Spirited Away.  See? Totally phoned it in.  The Dotytron last week said to me, rather delicately, "Umm, maybe this year you don't want to go so buck with the pumpkin carving?" and every fibre in my being recoiled at the thought that I might have the two-triangle-eyes-and-snaggly-tooth-mouth standard issue pumpkin.  This is a happy medium.  I banged these two out in about an hour.

Behold!  The Totoro costume!  Made possible by this amazing tutorial from the blog You and Mie.  I totally winged (wung?) it - the sleeves ended up a little short, but overall, I'm happy with it.  There's a (poorly sewn) zipper up the back and everything!!!  It's pretty warm and cozy and the Dotytron wants his own.  

These guys dressed as soot sprites...except it looks like the Great Gazoo has white boobs.  LOL!  Thank you, Fabricland for the cheap fun fur!  I was actually going to make these into more permanent costumes, but when we ended up not going to a Halloween party on the weekend, I decided to make my life easier and just safety pin the soot sprite fronts to their onesies.  The Great Gazoo's expression here is so Dotytron.  See:

 A lot of times, after a feed, when they're all full and happy, I look at the Wonder Twins on the nursing pillow and they're giving me these faces:

That face!!!  The Great Gazoo has such a sweet, shy, pleased looking smile - he curls his top lip under and it stretches his mouth so wide.

Prof. Gantok on the other hand has the stereotypical, jolly, cherubic thing going on.  Big, wide-open mouthed yappy smiles.

This is one of my baby sleep secret techniques: babies like to feel like they're all snug and secure.  To recreate that feeling, I weigh them down with a pillow, so they feel the force of gravity acting upon them.

Last week was kind of crazy.  I had Academic Book Club on Thursday, where the ladies were all in a twitter about their kids using drugs.  Apparently, high school kids start using ecstasy really early.  There's a big bias though, in that these women are fine with teenagers drinking.  I think I might do a little PSA next book club and disavow them of some of their misconceptions.  For instance, DRINKING IS THE WORST!  You know what happens when you're on E?  You love listening to music and you want to give people hugs.  You don't want to leave, you don't want to get into a car and drive, it's not a depressant (it's the exact opposite), it doesn't make you want to fight, or particularly sexual.  I'm obviously not advocating wide-spread ecstasy use amongst teenagers, but I find the bias in favour of alcohol really misinformed and weird.

On Friday I took all three of the kids after the Big Yam's sports class to try the Hey Meatball location that opened up in Leslieville.  I was just proud to have made it out, first and foremost.  I wasn't a big fan of the actual meatballs at the place.  For one thing: they do single-protein meatballs.  So you have to choose whether you want a pork, beef, chicken, or vegan (!) meatball.  Ummm, THAT MAKES NO GODDAMNED SENSE.  That's weaksauce to the max!!!  No self-respecting meatballery should be doing single protein meatballs as their base product.  I had the "Rodfather" sandwich, which is 3 meatballs (in my case, pork) with tomato sauce, basil pesto, and parmesan on a ciabatta bun.  It was good, but it was just as good as that combination of things generally is.  It didn't EXCITE me or make me think: "this is the definitive iteration of this meal," which is a bit of a problem when you're building a shop around one item.  That item should be knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark good, don't you think?  The salad was tasty.  But you don't make friends with salad:

Then on Friday night, I left the Dotytron to watch the Big Yam, our neighbour's daughter, and the Great Gazoo so I could do ladies night with the neighbour ladies.  We went to the Real Jerk and I had a plate of pretty good-but-bony oxtail, fried chicken, delicious rice, and a meagre helping of tasty coleslaw:

Other things we've been eating lately:

Mortadella & robiola panini and cream of cauliflower soup

Spaghetti and meatballs.  I could eat this all day, every day.

That bacon, lentil, baby spinach salad thing with fried goat's cheese that we do

A CSA-busting meal of chicken thighs, mashed root vegetables, sautéed cabbage, and buttered carrots.

Tagliatelle with bolognese sauce that I had in the freezer.  Alongside a tasty salad of escarole, sliced raw pear, almonds (should be hazelnuts), pickled red onion, and a sharp dijon vinaigrette.

I know this post was the boringest!!!  I'm so sorry...I have a slew of book/television/movie reviews for you shortly - and maybe an anecdote or two?


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michi t said...

I came across your blog randomly through a google search (log-lady baby costume), and I love reading your blog. It's one of the few I have bookmarked at work. Very good stuff.

ps. I unabashedly copied your log-baby idea.