Thursday, September 19, 2013

On This Harvest Moon

"because it was the annual fundraising gala my mum's fundraising organization throws in support of the hospital she raises funds for." Ummm...WHAT.  WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? THE MOST REDUNDANCY-FILLED SENTENCE OF ALL TIME?!

Proof positive that I am not working at 100%

This week has been pretty busy - with a visit/hang with someone every day, in addition to the life stuff that takes me a million hours to do (laundry, making dinner, etc.) and trying to get a daily outing/walk in as well.  It's contributing to the sense that life is a blur, which I suppose I should be grateful for, having gotten extremely depressed reading this comic that documents the author's mother's slide into early-onset Alzheimer's.  

My thoughts are a bit of a jumble at the moment.  Suffice to say that I'm at the point in my maternity leave where I feel that Academic Book Club (tonight) requires a new outfit and accordingly spend hours at the newly-opened, 10-minute-walk-away Joe Fresh in the service of this whim.  I will say though: THICK WORK-APPROPRIATE LEGGINGS. STRIPES.  How was I supposed to resist?

Here are some pics until I can muster the mustard to actually write something of value:

A very rare Great Gazoo grin

Our newest obsession: stacking the babies on top of each other. Prof. Gantok looking mildly alarmed, as per usual.

Prof. Gantok alarmed again.

Prof. Gantok looking bug-eyed (does he have a thyroid condition?) but not overly alarmed.

And...back to being alarmed.

Still alarmed.

The ever-popular tight-fisted sturdy lad crying jag.  The Great Gazoo looking a little, "get over it already, buddy"

Another face from the man of a million expressions.


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