Thursday, September 12, 2013

Holding Steady

The Wonder Twins had their 3 month check-up yesterday.  Prof. Gantok is weighing in a 9 1/2lbs and the Great Gazoo is about 8 1/2lbs, so they're you know, approaching 1 month old sized!  They killed it on their 1 month old assessment but I suspect that when I bring them back for their 4 month assessment, they will flunk.  The results of Prof. Gantok's ultrasound yesterday revealed that the new cyst was gone (or couldn't be detected) and the one that's been there from the get-go is showing no change in size.  So that's good.  We just have to continue to keep an eye on it.

I made this little graphic below to show how the Wonder Twins both look like their big bro, but in different ways:

It's like the Big Yam is a combination of his two little brothers 
- this pic is basically a punnett square (remember those? Grade 11 bio, say what!).  Also: I've got to stop taking pics with Prof. Gantok in the foreground, because he always looks WAY WAY WAY bigger than the Great Gazoo.

Now that the update is out of the way, can I talk about how much I hate Mackelmore (and by extension, Ryan Lewis)?  STOP LECTURING ME, MACKELMORE!  Gawd.  I hate, hate, hate him.  I am so not into some white dude from Seattle "saving" hip hop and civilizing it with his preachy, terrible music.  The Dotytron and I were talking about it - a white guy from Seattle who hasn't been a part of the "scene" in any meaningful way is not going to effectively address homophobia in a subculture.  Mackelmore might as well be Melissa Etheridge, for the effect he's going to have on those issues at large.  I know it doesn't have to be said: but I'm obviously not homophobic.  I just hate maudlin, heavy-handedness like that Mackelmore (and Ryan Lewis) song, "Same Love."  I also find the video really cheesy.  By the way, Ryan Lewis is like the "based on the novel Push by Sapphire" of the music world.  Anyway, my point is, changing notions of masculinity are going to have to come from people who are within the culture - like when the Game had that butterfly tattoo on his cheek.  

In other news of people I hate: Terry Richardson.  I know, I know, it's low hanging fruit, but still - that guy is THE WORST.  He directed that new Miley Cyrus video, for "Wreaking Ball" and it's so Terry Richardson that it makes me barf in my mouth a bit.  That being said, can anyone tell the difference between Terry Richardson and Dov Charney of American Apparel?  Not I.

Well, I ended up d**king around on the internet so much I ran out of time to gift you with additional pop culture reviews/musings.  I will say that I think Ai Wei Wei comes across like a bit of breakcore kid in that fawning documentary, Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry, but I will unpack that further when I have the capacity to be a bit more on point.


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