Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Life

We've got a more manageable routine going on now that I'm not breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and pumping every feed.  The wonder twins have slightly more moments of quiet wakefulness but generally they eat, then pass out.  Everyone keeps wondering how we (more me) is handling everything and I can honestly say that I don't find it all that taxing. 

The babies go down at night around 11:30pm and wake up again around 4am and then back down until around 7.  That give us a solid 6 hours of sleep a night, and with a nap a day while they're snoozing, I'm good to go.  The Dotytron is a bit of a delicate flower and would prefer uninterrupted sleep, but I think he's just being a whiner.  Usually I get out to do an outing/errand a day and the Dotytron (who is indulging his shut-in tendencies this summer) stays inside avoiding the sunlight and complaining that the house is too hot (it isn't).  

I would definitely be tuning a different harp if I was going it alone.  I don't know how that would happen.  Even now, giving a solo bottle feed can be madness.  Sometimes the twerps like to twin out and do weird things where they tandem cry and go into some weird, fugue, mind-meld state.  The Dotytron is a stellar, stellar dad.  He's devised his own system of burping them (I'll post a video sometime, it's hilarious), his own post-bath system, he chastises me all the time for not "knowing what they want" (which generally translates to me not giving firm enough bum pats to soothe), and does the majority of the diapers and half the feeds in addition to the odd house chore and dinner clean-up and Big Yam wrangling.  It's great.

We're going to experiment with taking the Big Yam out of daycare two days a week and hope to go up to three days a week come August.  I'll continue that in September (hopefully!).  Summer is easy - if the weather is nice, one of us takes him to the pool after daycare and all the kids are running around outside in the afternoon and after dinner.  The fall into winter is going to be tougher.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm hoping to enrol him in some kind of city program so that we have something to do every week on one of our days together.  I know a bunch of people on mat leave so with hanging out with them and errands, I'm hoping it'll be okay to be home with three kids.  We shall see.

Best big brother!

Our non-identical identical twins are starting to get more identical!

Our Cleveland friends came and stayed with us this weekend for 24 magical hours.  This is their first meeting with the wonder twins.

Making it rain with lucky money!

Recreating the womb

I'm not finding much time for reading, or emailing, or other leisure activities, but at least regular weeknight dinner-making is more of a thing:

Kalbi with rice mixed with sautéed vegetables and gochujang, julienned cucumber, and a fried egg

Cod fish tacos with cabbage slaw, and chili mayonnaise

Mussels with chorizo and white wine, bread, and the ever-present Ontario asparagus


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