Tuesday, June 04, 2013

After All These Years...

On the weekend we went to visit my Poh Poh at the home (super depressing - we walked in when they were doing "karaoke" in the main area) and then went for lunch at Phoenix.  The Dotytron made us order like, 5 dishes (which still only cost $37) so we would have leftovers to take for lunch.  So we have leftover Malaysian beef curry and this Korean stone pot rice left and I'm getting containers from the waitstaff and the Dotytron seems to be getting tense.  I say, "So one of us will take the curry and the other person can take the Korean rice," and he's all like, "Well, why don't we split it so we get half of each one?" I'm against it because I don't like the two flavours mixing.  I'm packing things up and then I say, "That makes no sense - we're going to get small tastes of each one" and he bursts out, "FINE! I'LL TAKE THE KOREAN RICE!" and I'm like, "Wait - I want the Korean rice" and he's like "Oh well then, okay, I wanted the curry, anyway."

Here's the thing: 2013 marks the TWELFTH year of us being together.  You would think that after 12 years together, your partner would feel okay just telling you which of the leftovers he wants for lunch, instead of doing this whole, song-and-dance around the issue, wouldn't you?  

For some reason, I found this hilarious.  I also found it hilarious when later, that evening, hanging with Dr. Rei and Hanbo, the Dotytron said, "Ummm...I have Don Henley's body."  LOL!!!  (We were talking about how musicians like D'Angelo categorically can't maintain their level of peak hotness because they burn out.  We were trying to find other examples of people who have maintained).  

We had a pretty low-key weekend.  Friday we were going to go to the Fun Fair near our school but instead opted to stay in and do a movie night.  We watched My Neighbour Totoro again, which the Big Yam loves and which also meets our standards.  It's like pure fantasy.  I love Miyazaki films because very often, they reflect a very small portion of life - there's no big "journey" or "event" or "adventure" - it's just a little peek into the daily world of some kids.  Usually the kids have some kind of parental trauma/distance happening - in this case, they've moved to a new house and their mom is in the hospital - that serves as a springboard into their imaginary life where they meet characters like Totoro.  It reminds me very much of the British children's books I devoured as a kid - Enid Blyton, Edith Nesbit, The Secret Garden and the like.  I especially like that the Big Yam pronounces Totoro "To-Oh-Ro" - it's pretty cute.  

Saturday was all about visiting with my Poh Poh and then selling this vintage steamer trunk to some dude off Kijiji.  *Cue: Terminator 2 "easy money" scene* and then visits with Dr. Rei and Hanbo.

Sunday the Dotytron spent preparing for his friends to come over and jam at our house.  It was supposed to be a test run for "Guitarbecue" and he spent SO MUCH TIME cleaning up the back yard only to have the weather refuse to cooperate.  My job was to keep the Big Yam out of his hair, so we went on a long walk and had some one-on-one time, featuring - joy of joys! - a street car ride home (after walking 2km) and a bacon sandwich from Rashers.  We served the Dotytron's band of musician friends a feast, considering they're all bachelor/musician types - grilled chicken thighs, tuna macaroni salad, broccoli salad with bacon and almonds, and a strawberry-raspberry pavlova for dessert.  Proof that Lil' Ugmo isn't so lil' - we had a drum kit, an upright bass, a guitar, and a saxaphone all in our living room.  They jammed for about 4-5 hours with breaks in between.  We had one neighbour from one street over come knocking on our door...to ask if they could turn the music up.  OH SNAP!  The Dotytron loooooooved throwing that in my face, LOL!  It was pretty cute.  If you're going to terrorize a family-oriented residential neighbourhood with a four piece band involving a drum kit - then I suppose jazz is a good genre to be playing around in.  

It was pretty cute and I was happy that the Dotytron could make it happen.  I know how important playing is to him and how he seldom gets time to hang with his musician friends so it made me happy that I could facilitate that in some capacity - even if it did mean that I ended up cooking for his friends (only because I didn't want our household misrepresented in the culinary realm).  

So yeah, it was a busy, but fun-filled weekend.  

Here are some photos of what we ate:

Grasshopper pie.  Courtesy of this Martha Stewart recipe - goosed up with a bit of spearmint extract (1/4 tsp or so) and no creme de menthe.  Also, the recipe in my book called for 1 1/2 cups of milk in the custard instead of cream.  I actually found the taste of the filling a little too "milky" - so maybe I'll try it with all cream instead.  This was nice and cool, but not my favorite.  The crust was a little too firm.  Definitely needs some rejigging if I'm going to revisit it.

The pavlova I served to the boys.  A touch too much sugar in the meringue, but otherwise, delicious!  I love crispy meringues with macerated fruit and whipped cream.  Can't help myself.

A blurry photo of us from the May 2/4 fireworks in the park.  The Big Yam was hiding his face in terror.

Finally, here are some shots of the Big Yam's big room.  I worked pretty hard on it and feel pretty pleased with how my vision materialized.  Some of the photos are blurry, unfortunately, but you get the drift.  We love it in there so much - especially because it's a new room and everything has its place and there hasn't been a chance for it to collect clutter - we want to trade rooms with him sometimes.

Bed: Ikea Mandal.  Mattress: 10" memory foam from Costco.  It's sooo plush.  A little softer than our mattress but we love being able to lie down with him in between us and read stories and sing songs with him before bed.  It's cute.  The accent wall paint color is Benjamin Moore's Old Navy.

Dresser: Mandal dresser from Ikea.  The birch and white ended up looking pretty sharp with the white walls and the navy - the whole room has this Scandinavian modern vibe.

Storage bins: "Down to the Wire" bins from Land of Nod.  Lack shelf from Ikea.  Chalkboard from Ikea. 

The FLOR carpet design I did myself - including cutting the triangles and piecing it all together.

Found the perfect throw pillow cover fabric from Ikea.  It's a thicker material - almost like bark cloth.

The Neil deGrasse Tyson I paid entirely too much for on Etsy.  The industrial light fixture that I bought custom off of Etsy, held up with an IKEA $2.00 shelf bracket.

Ex Astris, Scientia ("From the Stars, Knowledge") chalkboard print I bought for $5.00 and had printed at Staples.  The white little shelf/table is something I pulled from the garbage and repainted ages ago..it's been sitting in the basement waiting for a room.

Even though Lil' Ugmo is lil' - there's still a good amount of floor space for him to play in the middle of the room, and when he outgrows the chalkboard, we can set up a desk there and a small bookshelf (assuming kids of the future have any use for storage spaces for paper books).  

I'm not gonna lie, folks...kinda feel like this space is Apartment Therapy worthy (assuming I can stop with the heroin hands and get some unblurry shots).  


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