Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The VAN Trapps

or Max VAN Sydow, or Gigi VAN Weasel (a real estate agent in our area), or VAN Morrison, or Bran VAN 3000, or...


Which is all to say that we have begun our Odyssey with an Odyssey.  First we have to settle on a name.  The options are endless!  We went to test drive a vehicle on Monday evening in deep Scarborough.  The Dotytron handled the test driving duties while I handled all the negotiations.  In the end, we got this van for $100 less than the second van we almost closed on (the one that nearly resulted in a Dotytron-Lagerfeld divorce last Saturday).  Saturday van had 68,000km, 1 insurance claim on the Car Proof, but they threw in a set of on-rim snow tires.  This van has no snow tires, but only 50,400km, no insurance claims, and was Filipino owned.  This wasn't a factor I had considered before (ethnicity of previous owners), but our Filipino salesperson made a point of telling us - according to him, Filipino's take good care of their possessions.  When our salesperson went to go call his manager with our offer, I was like, "What's with the Filipino thing?" and the Dotytron said, "I never thought about it before, but now that he's mentioned it, it's true, and I'm glad he brought it up."  LOL!  Who knew that was a thing?!  To corroborate this dubious racially questionable anecdotal evidence, I do have to say that this van was in the best shape of any of the ones we saw.  The interior was immaculate, no scratches or scuffs on the upholstery.  AND I negotiated $500 off the extended Honda plus warranty, which brings us to 2017 or 130,000km.

I feel like I came out a winner.  Mitigating factors: the sales manager was off-site because his dad had just passed away (which I felt really badly about), AND our salesperson was pretty much the most wide-open book of all cracked-spine books in the Library of Congress.  He was NOT cut out for this business.  I felt bad negotiating with him because I could tell he wasn't cut throat at all and was in fact, too honest for his current profession.  I was worried about his future.  This was exacerbated by him telling us about how he wanted to open his own fried chicken restaurant (!!!!!).  The Dotytron and I nearly broke out in tears.  It was not a good scene.  I wanted to do right by our sales guy so the next day I sent an email to the dealership manager and talked about the exemplary buying experience we received and how I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the dealership and our sales guy widely.  When we showed up to pick up the car last night, he thanked me a million times for the email, so I feel like I've balanced out my karma a bit.

This is AFTER I fielded about a million calls from Kumar at another Honda dealership (the one with the snow tires offer), at work.  Kumar's gift as a salesperson is that he gets really, really, really, sad and dejected and mournful whenever you tell him news he doesn't want to hear (in this case, that I was going to test drive the same model, but with lower kilometres and no insurance claims).  He makes you feel really bad for any news you have to relay that puts him in that state.  It's a really cute and disarming technique - even if he DID tell me that those snow tires retail for over $1000 second hand when a cursory Google revealed otherwise.

The point is: we have a secondary people mover!  Huzzah (I think?)!

So of COURSE I've gone completely bonkers setting up my car emergency kit and making sure that I have spare umbrellas and flashlights and notepads and pens and hand sanitzer and lotion and wipes and the like all ready to go.  I can't even TELL you how happy that kind of preparedness makes me.  It's sick.  I also just spent over an hour looking at all season mats and cargo trays and liners for the car - I want to do at least as well as a Filipino when it comes to taking care of my vehicle.

Tonight's dinner was stellar - an open faced flank steak sandwich with blue cheese and baby arugula on roasted garlic-rubbed toasted pugliese bread.  Sided with a big, crunchy, cold, mint-laden Greek salad.  I loves me a Greek salad on a hot day:

Last night's dinner - a Greek style spinach and lemon soup with egg whisked in.  The recipe called for orzo but I used acini de pepe instead (teeny tiny Italian soup pasta) and it worked out really well.  It gave us enough for freezing, so that was hype.  

We ate a quick dinner last night so we could go pick up the car.  The car that the Big Yam promptly baptised with overflow pee from his improperly applied cloth diaper (the Dotytron's fault!).  Whoops.  The Dotytron was incensed, but I took a more zen approach (if you can call wasting two hours of your life looking at OEM car mats a "zen" approach).



Grace said...
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Grace said...

Congratulations on your Van-borghini!

we have these mats and they're great for kids with snowy boots