Monday, April 15, 2013

This Is How We Do It

Best weekend, ever!  My heart is full to bursting with love for what I ate, who I ate it with (with whom I ate?), and living in this glorious city that provides us with a bounty of experiences.  The Dotytron has been talking about wanting to move to a town like Peterborough or something (but with the caveat that we somehow convince all our friends to pack up and go with us) but after weekends like this, I don't think there's any way that I possibly could.  It just wouldn't do.

Friday night we had dinner with our friends S & P at the White Brick Kitchen.  I had been hepped to this place by my friend K, who bought me takeout from there one night.  I had been dreaming about the burger I had and wanting to eat it again for a while.  This place is opened by people who spent some time at the Stockyards and the menu is what you'd expect with people with that pedigree - American style comfort food, well prepared, well priced, and with a southern accent.  Everything was insanely, insanely delicious.  The decor isn't the greatest - it's pretty bare-bones in there with little in the way of decor or a theme, but the food is so good!  

We started with their kettle chips served with pimento cheese dip.  Their pimento cheese was a little more loose than what I'm used to, but it was perfect for dipping their deliciously crispy chips.

Half fried chicken dinner.  Juicy, with a delicious breading, served with some coleslaw, honey mustard, and a split biscuit that had been buttered and griddled.  This was some darned good fried chicken.  Juicy, moist, and with a well-seasoned crust.  

The burger!!!  Look at that cheese skirt!  They serve it with their house sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.  I got cheese and bacon as well.  It tastes a little bit like a Big Mac (I adore homemade versions of Big Macs) and the cheese skirt is a thing of beauty.  Textbook fries.

Saturday we went to Chinese school and then I scored a cheap ($30, after haggling!) two seater wagon off Kijiji.  I LOVE BUYING SECOND HAND.  I CAN TASTE THE SAVINGS!  I also bought a second hand scooter for the Big Yam this weekend because he's been hankering after our neighbour's.  

For dinner that night we went to JJ & S's house for one of our signature themed dinners.  The theme this time was "classic steakhouse."  The Discerning Coyote was there too along with his girlfriend, N.  Did we ever feast!  

We brought oysters (choppers choice from MA and Acadian Gold from NB), along with shrimp cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce.

I also made creamed spinach.  JJ & S made rib eye with compound butter, garlic bread, ceasar salad, and baked potatoes with sour cream, chives, and bacon bits. 

For dessert, we had this textbook-perfect (no cracks!  So smooth!!!) New York style cheesecake served with a raspberry puree.  OMG.  This was DIVINE.  

JJ & S have a hilarious 9 year old son, B and an equally hilarious raspy-voiced 4 year old daughter, L.  Their basement is finished so I left the Big Yam down there with B and L.  B comes up and says, "Uhhh, Big Yam is calling for you," and JJ says to him, "B, can't you just go down there and look after him and make sure he's okay?" and B says, "HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO THAT.  I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE."  LOL!!!  So funny!!!  

Another funny moment was when S offered the Big Yam a piece of cheesecake.

Big Yam to S: "Yes, please."
*pause* *turns to me*: "Who's that guy?"

By the way, we'd already been at their house for like, FIVE HOURS at this point.  "Who's that guy?" is never not funny to me.  

Sunday we went to this place in Bloor West Village, called Creme de la Creme Café which turned out to be surprisingly delicious.  If you ordered eggs benny, it came with three eggs on 2 English muffins, and they did this weird thing where your meat for the benny (bacon, peameal, etc.) was served on the side.  The hash browns were the shredded kind, which I'm rather fond of.  The big thing in their favor though, was their pancake.  It's the middle picture on their homepage.  This pancake was unique - very lacy, but thick - kind of like a cross between a crumpet, a regular pancake, and a crepe.  I love love love lacy pancakes because I love crispy edges.  This was huge!  They folded it over in thirds.  It was really, really good.  Worth going back for, even if this place is at the ends of the earth.  

We grabbed our oysters and shrimp cocktail fixins' from Diana's in Scarborough and I couldn't resist buying razo clams when I saw they were in.  We had a seafood feast last night for dinner:

Steamed razor clams with chilies, garlic, and beer

Roasted cod and potatoes with a quick, chorizo-enhanced puttanesca sauce with fresh tomatoes

Tonight's dinner was that homemade hamburger helper thing I discovered last summer. Alongside some peas tossed in butter.  A very, very kid friendly meal.  I was too busy chowing down to take a photo.

In other news - "pay me the dollars" has been turned into a song, with a rousing finish:

Loving all the made-up songs that have been happening lately.  Lots of free-styling.


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