Monday, April 08, 2013

90s Settlers for Life

This is going to be one of those nonsensical posts that only makes sense to Dr. Rei but will be a welcome source of humour when we're old and grey and can't remember how funny we were and how many nights like these we had.

Real talk: I couldn't love 90s Settlers Night more.  It's so good.  We started our Saturday with a bunch of errands and meeting my mum at Congee Queen for some QT Chinese food.  They make this fried lo bak goh dish (the turnip cake that you get at dim sum) that's insane.  It's basically cubes of that turnip cake, deep fried so it's crispy, mixed with shrimp and scrambled egg in a spicy/XO-type sauce.  So boss.

That night we met up with Dr. Rei and Hanbo and Hanbo came over and reamed our finances and wowed us with models and spreadsheets that would have taken me, no lie, about 6 weeks of my life to come up with (and they would have been riddled - RIDDLED! - with errors) and I would basically have been doing all the calculations on a calculator and just using Excel as a glorified table (my ability to construct formulas is rudimentary at best, but I do like figuring it out - it's like a fun puzzle).  The good news is, in a nutshell, that buying Lil' Ugmo for the price that we did when we did was one of the best decisions that the Dotytron ever made.  He's been coasting on it ever since.  And that the twerps will (hopefully) not bankrupt us.  These are all good things, folks!

When your bff marries someone that you and your significant other get along with so well and is so funny and awesome, it's like, the best thing in the world.  Embiggening a crew this way is just a sure fire route to fun times and laughing so hard you think you're going to pee your pants.

After staring our finances in the face, we went to Duff's for wings and saucy fingers and basically turned ourselves into those salt rock lamps that you see for sale and that the Dotytron wants desperately for his office. This wasn't helped by the fact that we chased the wings, fries, and dipping sauce down with 2 bags of chips and Bits'n'Bites.

The night started with the Dotytron and Dr. Rei treating us to an air-drummed, hair-whipping sing-along to Alice in Chains "Would."  It couldn't possibly have been funnier.  Hanbo, regarding the Settlers board, "I don't know where to put my first settlement," Dr. Rei, strumming her air ukulele and whipping her hair around in a frenzy, "Who cares, just let the music carry you!"  LOL!!!

We also determined that Hanbo is going to start a website with made-up facts about Evan Dando from the Lemonheads, which will include Dr. Rei's suggestion that he include the nugget that Evan Dando's middle name is Ann.  Evan Ann Dando will never not be funny to me.  Eternal hilarity!

Then I played Spacehog's "In the Meantime," which resulted in a conversation about how the lead guy was married to Liv Tyler.  Dr. Rei didn't know they had divorced, but I was like, of course they did, because at a certain point, when you're married to a musician like the lead guy from Spacehog and every day he's like, "I'm just going to go to the studio," as his spouse, you'd be like, "Why."  And also you'd be like, "you're lying, you probably just walk around the block and sit at Starbucks all day."  Can you imagine having to have that conversation with your spouse?  Like, does Gwen Stefani ever look at Gavin Rossdale and be all like, "Uhhh, what do you do all day?"

We also determined that if you don't like this song, it means you're dead inside.  Somehow we also correlated this to mean that if you love the movie Blade Runner, you're also dead inside.   Newsflash: Blade Runner is not the kind of movie that you profess to love, unless you're trying to prove that you're one of those people who are dead inside.  The WHOLE ENTIRE MOVIE is in fact, about trying to figure out if people are dead inside, so it's kind of an apt metric.

Also, Linda Perry in the "What's Going On?" video might have a wardrobe that consists of TWO DIFFERENT top hats with giant aviator goggles affixed to them.  Check it out.  Check it out and then lament the fact that there's no such thing as high school Battle of the Bands any more and it's basically Katy Perry's fault.

It was an incredibly enjoyable afternoon/evening.  We wrapped at around 1 but we could have easily kept going.

Sunday was a lazy day of outside time and errands and being chill.  Is it wrong to love your house?  I love my G-D house so G-D much, especially when we've just given it a clean in preparation for people coming over.  I love being in my home.  I revel in it.  We are thinking about digging down the basement to open up another floor and I was talking to a SAHM from the drop-in centre about our plans and she nodded sagely and said, "Yes, you're going to definitely need a playroom" and I was like, wait - what?  The Big Yam was over at our neighbour's house and their basement has been annexed and turned into kid land.  Another neighbour was talking about how toy storage was such a huge issue for her (she had loaned us an easel and I was asking if she wanted it back and she said she didn't have room for it right now).  I don't really get the idea of a playroom - it's certainly not how the Dotytron and I prioritize the limited space in our house.  Really, we want to dig down the basement so that we can put the TV down there and then have room for a piano upstairs, so that our living room will be more of a classic living room/music room/quiet study/reading space.  We've managed to keep the glut of toys at bay thankfully (so far) and storing them hasn't turned into a real big issue as of yet.  We have a 2x2 Expedit in our living room and it has a storage bin in each cubicle and that's basically all he gets (each storage bin is only 1/3 full at this point).  I might get a few more storage containers for downstairs that will be hidden under our coffee table but I don't anticipate wall-to-wall toy armageddon, unless I end up switching bodies with a nicer, more maternal person somehow.

I never grew up with a play room.  The Dotytron certainly didn't.  The idea of a whole room in your house devoted to the pursuits of someone who is UNDER THE AGE OF FIVE is completely foreign to me.  I mean, if that's your bag, by all means, you do you.  The idea of all that plastic and disposable stuff makes me break out in hives.  Especially since our house is so compact, the space has to be really edited down, and if anyone's interests/comfort are going to be prioritized, it's the people paying the billzzz.  I do acknowledge that this means that our house isn't the "fun" kid house - but I guess it depends on the target audience.  I'm hoping our house will strike the balance where it's a nirvana haven for kids like this:

So the goal is to straddle the line between immigrant-style discipline and then having just enough toys and imagination and fun so that for kids who are the products of REAL immigrants, our house is Disney World.  We'll see how we do.  Basically, the bottom line is that according to Lagerfeld and Dotytron's Hierarchy of Needs - our needs supersede kid needs (and it's debatable whether a playroom constitutes a "need," really).

Here's what I've been eating/making lately:

Green beans, tofu, scapes, ground pork and tofu in a purchased ma po tofu sauce over brown rice.

On Friday I skipped lunch and went direct from my RMT to chiro so I stopped mid-way to appease the twerps with a bacon butty (sandwich) from Rashers, this bacon-sandwich emporium in my 'hood.  The basic sandwich is 6 pieces of griddled bacon piled on soft (but not soft enough!) white bread with either a traditional British brown sauce or ketchup.  I like neither with my bacon so just went straight hog.  There are a number of variations on this theme (peameal, eggs, bun instead of sliced bread, etc.) but my overall impression was that you are paying for something that would be criminally easy to replicate yourself.  Like, pathetically easy.  It was good, but nothing to get yourself worked up over.  Nothing I would ever consider craving.

Friday night's dinner was a veal, beef, and pork lasagne with ricotta and a blanket of mozzarella cheese on top.  I tried to make it healthier by adding grated beets to the tomato sauce and then adding the beet greens to the ricotta layer.  I sided this with a raw kale salad with avocado and tomato in a sweet balsamic vinaigrette.  This was good, but I was feeling guilty from my bacon sandwich and thus didn't eat as much as I wanted to, which resulted in a 9pm Dotytron convenience store run where he bought me chips and a Klondike bar.

Sunday supper was beer-braised pork loin chops with caramelized onion and apple, alongside a mashed kabocha squash, and roasted garlic mashed potato and cauliflower.  I am ALL ABOUT putting cauliflower in my mashed potatoes lately.  So good and so healthy!  

Tonight was freezer turkey tetrazzini with more raw kale salad.  

I'm going to do my gestational diabetes test tomorrow so I'm loading up on sweet, sweet, simple sugars (and boiling a million eggs to eat afterwards).  I made this tiramisu for 90s Settlers night and it is my LIFE right now.  



dr. rei said...

"Oh no!" - Ian trying to get Lenny Kravitz to stop and then putting him on full screen and then insisting he doesn't want to hear 'Are you gonna go my way' twice

Best night ever!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

"You're really not doing a good job of convincing us that you're not obsessed with Lenny Kravitz" - LOL!!!