Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where oh where

has my Boobla gone?

I actually know his whereabouts - my amazing mum has taken him for two days and he is staying up in the 'burbs with her and Big D.  My sis is coming up with her brood of hooligans Thursday night and she's going to watch the Big Yam up in the 'burbs on Friday.  Yam was super-stoked.  We were talking about it on Monday evening and he was all like, "I'm going to have a bath with Little Big Cuz, and Little Ze, and Miss Ramona..." all matter-of-fact and excited.  Kids love group baths.  Real talk.

This is the longest stretch that we've ever been without the Boobla and when we got back home after dropping him off we were already all like, "Aww, the house feels so weird without him" (it's a 20 minute drive from Markham to our house).

He's just been so amazing lately.  Once we weaned him off the iPad (he developed an addiction during our vacation), he's just been so sweet.  We lie in our bed with him in the morning and before his bedtime and read stories and he asks to be cozy and for cuddles and for tickles.  He's really chilled out on the b***h slapping, which has been nice and he's cooled it a bit on the whining.  He doesn't eat a tonne at dinner but he's not throwing his food on the floor any more.  All of this is a healthy reminder to me that what they say about these challenging stages of parenting are true: it will pass.  It does.  It really does.  I have a notoriously low threshold for inappropriate kid behaviour and so I tend to go straight to: "he's a sociopath" and it's a good reminder for me that you just have to ride it out a couple of months and you have a totally new kid on your hands.

There is a lot of nature and a lot of nurture in there.  You can't convince me that so many things aren't culturally dependent.  This whole, "boys will be boys" malarkey is nonsense (so far).  Little Big Cuz loves light sabre battles and pretending to be Iron Man and Hulk-smashing things left, right, and centre.  He has older siblings and they watch action-y cartoons and stuff, so that's what he's around and knows.  By comparison, the Big Yam doesn't even know how to hold to a toy Nerf gun.  He holds the one at my parents' house in both hands (like the way you would hold a pita sandwich) and points it up at the sky.  Last night when we were hanging out before leaving he was doing that and kept asking for us to play with him with it.  We were like, "what do you want us to do?" and he had no idea - just kept pointing it at the ceiling.  I took him to the drop in centre on Tuesday and there was this slightly older kid just ahead of us walking the same way who was all like, "I'm a pirate!  Grrr!" and waving a plastic spoon like a sword at us and being all rambunctious and pirate-y about life.  The Big Yam like, never does that.  Which is good.  I can't handle that level of aggression.  Like seriously kid, CALM DOWN.  Now look, I'm saying this and I bet you one of the twerps is going to be all Randy Macho Man Savage and basically bite my ear off as soon as he comes screaming into this world.

Our family already has enough aggression, courtesy of me.  The other night, I was musing about how much I hate Justin Timberlake when his stupid song "Mirrors" came on in the car.  The Dotytron is all like, "You feel the same way about him as I feel about Kanye" at which point I LOST MY EVER-LOVIN' MIND and started screaming like a banshee.  I am a known Kanye apologist, but here's the thing.  Kanye is a sick producer.  Also, the worst thing people can accuse Kanye of is being a bit of a clueless megalomaniac (but that's everyone!) and of being "mean" to Taylor Swift and saying that Beyoncé's video was better (which is TRUE).  Also, Kanye West came out and said that George Bush hates black people, which is amazing.  He's just so unguarded.  Whereas Justin Timberlake is under the delusion that he's so funny, is super smug, makes boring music, AND had a video played at his wedding that made fun of homeless people.  I hate him so much.

When we dropped off the Big Yam on Tuesday we took my mum for dinner at Restoran Malaysia, this awesome, awesome Malaysian restaurant in Richmond Hill.  It is so so so good.  They only do halal meat and don't serve alcohol but it's the best Malaysian food I've had outside of Hong Kong.

We started with the appetizer platter: balacan fish patties, spring rolls, beef and chicken satay, cucumber and a peanut and sweet chili dipping sauce.

Our mains: green curry chicken (incendiary), red curry beef (really spicy), roti for dipping, and a Singapore laksa.  Not pictured: this seafood stirfry rice noodle dish with a thick egg sauce.

Technically, the food above was more than enough for the 3 of us and the Yam, but then I panic-ordered an extra dish (as is my wont).  That laksa was sooo good.  The Dotytron thought it was too fishy, but I think he's crazy.  A fiery coconut rich broth with lemongrass, ginger and yes, fish/shrimp paste notes surrounding slices of fish cake and tofu and chewy yellow noodles, it was so comforting on a cold day and the perfect amount of lip-tingling heat.  My other favorite dish was the rice noodle stir-fry.  I love fat rice noodles and these were FAT.  Like, 1" thick, with pieces of gailan and mushroom, squid and shrimp all bound in a lovely rich, thick, eggy sauce.  So tasty.  The Big Yam had one bite of the beef curry and his face crumpled in distress and he said it was "Hot!!!" so we gave him water.  Did it stop him from eating more?  No.  He is the original Spice Girl.  I think he just needed to get used to the level of heat.  I hope the twerps turn out to be Spice Girls too.

Recently it has come to my attention that there isn't enough food in the world for me.  This is distressing on multiple levels.  I am hungry all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  Like a newborn, I'm hungry every two hours.  You would think that I would be concerned at the fact that I'm gaining over a pound a week at this point and I still have nineteen weeks to go, but I am not. My new favorite pastime?  Other than talking about my food cravings to my willing and enabling cohort, Dr. Rei?  My new favorite pastime is walking away from the Dotytron and asking if it looks like I'm pregnant from behind.  For some reason, this is VERY important to me.  You have to pick your battles, I guess?  

For some reason, I clicked on these photos of Gisele, with her 3 month old daughter, rocking the same carrier I have and a teeny tiny bikini:

For the record: that's EXACTLY what I look like 3 months post partum.  

We are celebrating my mum's birthday and my little bro's belated birthday this weekend up in the 'burbs with the family.  Tomorrow is my first visit with my OB and then I have a massage booked with my RMT.  Bring the pain.  Otherwise, it's a low-key weekend.  Back to Chinese school after a three week hiatus (two weeks of which were break) and we're hosting the Roomie on Sunday for brunch and otherwise just chilling out.


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