Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's the Spanish word...

for neti pot?

My immune system finally succumbed to the viral bath that I've been floating in for the past two weeks.  While on vacation in Puerto Aventuras.  Le sigh.  I woke up mid-trip with a wicked sinus infection and a head stuffed full of gallons of mucous.  It was not buddies.  I took the Dotytron's nasal steroid spray about 3 times while I was down there, just to get me through (luckily, the worst of it hit all on one day and I was able to rally the rest of the time), but then we came home and read up on it and pregnancy and there was all this bad info floating around about how inhaled steroids have shown links to cleft palates and stuff.  Which had me promptly bursting into a pile of hormonal, sleep-deprived tears (did I mention we took a midnight flight back home???)  It was not the best.  Then we checked Motherisk which said that there are no such associated risks with topical and inhaled corticosteroids, which made me feel much better.  At this stage in the pregnancy, all their gear should be formed, it's just a matter of getting fatter from here on in.  It was still scary though and I felt bad for not taking the time to read up on it before exposing the twerps to potential risk.

The vacation was lovely, overall.  I think 5 full days and 4 nights was definitely sufficient for me, for this type of vacation.  By the time the week ended, I was ready to go home.  But I just love my G-D house so G-D much, ya know?  My preferred mode of travel is to do my own thing and explore and seek out amazing food and soak in the culture, which are all things you can't really do on an all-inclusive resort.  I got a lot of napping and resting in and a lot of QT with my outlaw fam and the Big Yam and the Dotytron, which was really nice, and a perfectly acceptable trade-off.  For intergenerational travel, resorts and cruises and the like are really the best.

Our resort was pretty swank and really family friendly, which was good.  Our initial room had a loft/tv space!  So fancy!  While we didn't have an ocean-view suite, we had the "garden view" which was cool, because it actually faced onto the dolphin (and manatee!) aquarium, which was non-stop fun to look at.  It also overlooked the "adults-only" pool which was considerably quieter and less Vengabus-y than the main pool and beach.  We had rain one day which resulted in a leak in our room, which resulted in them moving us (at my request).  We lucked into the honeymoon suite, which had a jacuzzi on the balcony.  The Dotytron couldn't reiterate that enough (he was the one to actually go and view the room) when we were trying to decide what to do.  So we had mad jacuzzi times at balcony high.  They also threw in 25 minute massages for me and the Dotytron for the hassles (which I also requested - Chinese bargaining say what!)

I'm glad we didn't have to pay for the massages.  I am very, very lucky in that I have probably the best RMT in the GTA.  I love my deep tissue massage and she RUINS us.  I don't feel like a massage is effective unless it hurts, and my RMT makes me hurt so good.  This was kind of like, gentle non-erotic petting.  I guess some people find that relaxing?  But in my head I found it more irritating than anything else...like, if you're going to touch me, touch me with PURPOSE.

There were 5 or so restaurants on the resort and none of them required reservations and they didn't have wristbands, which I thought was quite civilized.  You could just show up and sometimes there was a bit of a wait, but we never had to wait more than 20 minutes for a table, which was fine by me (although not as fine for some of the irate tourists we came across).  Breakfast was by far the standout meal.  They had tostadas!!! And a chilaquiles station!!!  And a taco bar every morning!!!  It was heavenly!  The annoying thing was dealing with the other tourists - I found some of them quite rude.  Like, it's a chilaquiles station - don't try to order your egg white omelet there just because you don't want to wait in line at the omelet bar that's 10 feet away.

I felt like if they could just offer Mexican food, then resort food wouldn't be so maligned.  But I guess for them, it's really about adhering to the palates of these tourists who want their food replicated.  Like, I can't tell you how many people just wanted bacon and eggs and pancakes instead of the the delicious salsa roja and pickled red onions and fried plantains.  Yes, the Italian food didn't taste like Italian food...but why would you expect that to be the case?  It's not like there's a huge ex-pat Italian population like there is in other areas of the world that aren't Italy but that do great Italian food.  I would never travel to Florence and expect them to be able to turn out amazing Japanese food, but for some reason, that attenuated expectation is okay for those tourist destinations, but not for resorts.  It's very, very strange to me.  JUST EAT THE DELICIOUS COTIJA ALREADY!  Having dined at my share of "HK style cafés" where as a style of restaurant they replicated for the ex-pats a taste of their home countries but with the ingredients available, creating a delicious (to me) new form of mestizo cuisine (think, spaghetti with ox tongue and a "tomato" sauce that tastes like Alphagetti), I totally get how these kinds of diasporic iterations of food can become legitimate styles in their own right (the tomato is not native to Italy, lest we forget).  This kind of globalization-of-the-plate is not happening at all inclusive resorts, though.

Another feature of the resort is that it sat in a natural cove sheltered by a reef.  There was one part of the resort where they had a natural salt water pool with steps leading down and all kinds of fishies hanging out that had taken refuge from the Gulf of Mexico.  Our first time down there, there was a heavily tanned, Dog the Bounty Hunter-type who was feeding the fish Kellogg's cornflakes.  He offered some to the Big Yam and Ehmdo said, "Uhh, but the sign says you're not supposed to feed the fish..." and he said in reply, "This is Cancun baby! You can do what you want!" (Something tells me this guy is not an international law specialist).   Ahhh, Americans.

Yesterday was the first day of rotating daycare for the Big Yam while J's on vacation.  He spent the day with Ehmdo and she's been super-cute about it.  She's like, way better at being home with the Yam than I am.  Last message I got from her, she was blowing the insides out of eggs to decorate with him next week during her shift.  Awwww.

Today I'm on duty.  Ugh.  It's only 9am and the day feels looooong.


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