Friday, March 29, 2013


I was at Academic Book Club Thursday  night, hosted by JJ (and only one other lady showed!  WTF?!?)  and my friend said that she had to get fisted to remove the placenta after labour with her second kid and it HURT LIKE A MOTHER - like...WAAAAAAAY worse than pushing out a giant baby (her baby was giant - like an 8 pounder).  This kind of first hand experience is useful for me for my decision making purposes.  The Dotytron was like, "don't just not do it just to be a tough guy,"  because I am kind of notorious for being a tough guy (see: getting the skin horribly burned off my foot, rejecting the percocets I was prescribed, and making a meatloaf dinner that same night).

Not much to report around here.  The Big Yam has been spending his days with his Auntie Ehmdo and Momma D and it's been cute to see the videos/photos/reports from his Nana and his Auntie.  He's so loved! What a lucky Yam.  The weather has been nicer (marginally) and because it's light out again at night we're incorporating more outside time as part of our day.  Insert the usual refrain about how I love my street and I love my 'hood.  It's so nice to see all the parents on the street getting together and talking and supporting each other.  I'm so lucky that we have such a strong network of support, on our street alone.  One of the ladies is expecting a baby any day now and sent out an APB to the neighbours asking if we could fill the gaps and watch her older daughter if she went into labour before her go-to caregiver was back on vacation.  Everyone was so willing to help - it's cute and sweet.  My neighbour has been offering to watch the Yam while J is on vacation.  It's just so heartening that you can build a community in a big city.  The Big Yam has been getting out on his strider bike (which he calls his motorcycle), but is usually more content to just wheel this cheap plastic baby stroller around.

I am very much looking forward to this extra-long weekend.  We've got an amazingly light agenda.  We're having dinner with Momma D tonight and then our friends who recently moved back to Toronto from spending a few years in Spain are hosting us for a lunchy tapas meal on Sunday, following the street Easter Egg Hunt.  Other than that, we're free (aside from Chinese School and having our water meter installed and grocery shopping and laundry and housecleaning duties and maybe a visit with Lolly and SMcKay on Saturday)!  I just want to relax and unwind and putter and bake and make and eat good food.  We're going to do major work on getting the basement organized and a final home for all our crap down there so we can have the Big Yam's room painted shortly and we can start configuring it.

Last night I caved to my insane fish and chips craving and we went to this place Olde Yorke Fish and Chips.  It's a veddy British looking placed that was packed by 6pm.  80% of the clientele was lily-white and over the age of 65.  Ose are all very good signs for a fish and chips resto.  E couple next to us had driven down from Willowdale just to eat there and we're very sweetly chatty and had lots of tips.   We had an order of fried clams and each got haddock and chips.  The portions were generous, e price was decent (haddock runs you $11.50) and the batter was crispy.  It hasn't usurped my favorite, Harbord, but it's my second for Toronto fish and chips.  It's close by and has the option of really nice indoor seating, which makes it a good alternative when Harbord isn't really viable (i.e. 9 months of the year).  And they do a brisk takeout business.  I kinda already want to go back.

Wednesday night's dinner: shakshuka!  So good.

The night before: spinach and feta brown rice casserole.

Thursday morning as I left for work I saw this on our walkway, courtesy of one of the rugrats on the street.  Such a nice way to start the day.  I love, love, love my 'hood.

Happy Easter, all.


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