Friday, March 08, 2013

Pre-vacay last day

Yesterday was my last day of work before 10 days off.  Whoop!  It was a bit of a race to the finish but setting my out of office felt sweet.

We are going with Momma D and Ehmdo to Mexico (Puerto Aventuras, to be exact) for 5 days next week and I cannot WAIT to sit on a beach and laze around in the sun and eat tacos and drink virgin pina coladas until the coconut smell comes oozing out of my pores and I smell like an 80s teenage lifeguard.  Number of excursions I'm planning: ZERO.  Yeah, yeah, I know there are like, ruins and stuff.  But I care not.  I generally hate travelling when I'm on someone else's timetable and being shuttled with a bunch of other n00bs  to places and being dependent on climbing back on a bus with them to come back.  I'd much rather rent a car and do it on my own.  I also don't want to spend a single dollar, so I am quite happy to doze and nap on the beach with the Yam and roast my belly until it's as burnished as a Thanksgiving turkey.  Plus, that part of Mexico doesn't really interest me, per se.  I'd much rather check out the Yucatan or Oaxaca.  Those are my go-tos.  The tangle of resorts that is the Mayan Riviera is about me squeezing myself into a too-small two-piece and catching up on reading and some well-deserved zzzs.  

Our daycare provider is going on vacation for the next three weeks so we're patching together care through a network of family and taking some additional days.  I have today off and I'm planning on taking the Big Yam to the ROM.  It's a bit of a waste of $$$.  The streetcar ride will already send him over the moon, but it'll be some nice QT and one-on-one time that we can have before the twerps arrive and I decide to selfishly keep my days off to myself.  I highly doubt I'll be up for high-concept outings next year on maternity leave.  

I was working hard leading up to my vacay, guys.  Working hard on this:

Coconut cream pie for dessert every night.  Loving every minute of it.

The boys picked me up from work last night and we went for a walk and then went to this place, Burger Stomper on the Danforth.  I've been craving burgers hard after my White Brick Kitchen experience at K's house last week.  The White Brick Kitchen features a former Stockyards chef in the kitchen.  This place didn't live up to the memory of the excellence of the White Brick burger.  Burger Stomper smashes their patties flat (like a 5 Guys burger) and the toppings were mediocre.  The Dotytron and I both got banquet type burgers (bacon and cheese) and we were both impressed with the bacon coverage and preparation: each bite had a mouthful of crispy, greaseless bacon in it.  The fries were okay.  No special dipping sauces.  The milkshakes were tasty, but it was almost a $40 meal, when all was said and done, and it wasn't a burger that I felt was worth that type of money.  It wasn't appreciably better than a Mojo burger or an Apache or a Johnny's or a Square Boy banquet homeburger.  I was slightly disappointed, but still happy I got my burger fix.

The Big Yam is so funny nowadays.  I don't know if it's the tantrums or just residual sickness but his voice has been kind of hoarse and scratchy and high and it's impossibly cute.  Last night in the car he was all like, "What's Hakim Optical?" but it was obviously all broken up and garbled.  Then he was muttering to himself, "Oh my god, what's that" a few times.  Apparently he asked the Dotytron what "f**k" was on Wednesday after overhearing some coarse language from the pater familias, so we have to be a little more circumspect (like, more than not at all) around him.

I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and came back with 2 photos of each twerp in a long strip.  Fun facts: I had thought that the "Twin A" from the first ultrasound was always going to be Twin A (and same for Twin B), but that is not the case.  There's still room for them to move around in there so Twin A is the one that's closest to my cervix.  In a few more weeks, once they run out of room, Twin A will always be Twin A and Twin B will always be Twin B.

Anyway, we came home and I asked the Big Yam: "Do you want to see the pictures of the babies in Mama's belly?
Yam: "No"

Me: "C'mon, tell me what do you see?"

Yam, completely nonchalant: "Walrus, walrus, turtle, seal."

LOL!  A future radiologist.

I was invited to join this Leslieville/Beaches Moms Buy and Sell group on FB and it is HELLA DEPRESSING.  People buy the WORST shiz for their kids.  The clothes are sooo ugly!  So many dad polos and so much baby blue and brown and the worst toys.  Ugh.  No wonder you're trying to unload that shiz.  No, I'm not paying you money for that Baby Einstein DVD set.  No, I don't want that stupid sling in that stupid faux-mod pattern that screams suburbia.  I recently dropped some mad ducats on some fresh t-shirts for the Big Yam but it's worth it.  I like to supplement the standard-issue Baby Gap/Carters/H&M gear with some nicer things that make him stand out.  Also, I saw this t-shirt and couldn't resist:

Seriously, how perfect is that?!?

I mean, really.  IT'S THE BEST.

Looking forward to my day off today.  QT with the Yam, meeting my friend S for coffee, then hanging with Lolly and SMcKay while the Dotytron hosts Record Club at our house.  So cute.  He picked the album and he picked some Brahms symphony so he went on this special mission to an Eastern European grocery store to get thematically appropriate snacks.

Tomorrow we're lunching with my mum at Phoenix and then visiting my Poh Poh and then our Supper Club is having dinner at Momofuku Daisho for their large format (I ordered us the Bo Ssam).  Sunday will definitely be a day of rest as our flight leaves at 7:15am on Monday.  


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