Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lucky Button

Feeling like a very, very lucky button this Sunday morning.  We've got a funk mix on the stereo, we had a delicious Sunday Breakkie of Dotytron buttermilk pancakes, bacon, and a mixed-berry banana smoothie and we've got a lazy day of mostly nothing ahead of us.  As far as Daylight Savings Spring Forwards go (the worst of the Daylight Savings), we're doing okay with being robbed of that extra hour so far.

This weekend has been absolutely splendid.  I met my friend S for coffee before the ROM with the Yam on Friday and we had a nice, long one-on-one chat that was absolutely delightful and heart-warming.  She is such an incredibly talented artist and she is so committed to her craft and so inspiring to be around.  Her heart is so big and talks with her always mean getting to the heart of the matter - no b.s., no boundaries.  

The ROM itself was a bit of a bust, but a learning experience nonetheless.  The Big Yam was completely enamoured with the fish tank they have, which wasn't really worth the cost of the $15 admission for me.  He's too young.  I have to remember that.  I don't usually plan high-concept outings but then I feel pressured because so many other young, urban parents do.  I gotta trust my instincts.  The ROM isn't particularly fun for young kids, either.  As far as museums go, it's not that hot.  Children's museums and the Science Centre are way better for the under-5 set.  He was just as happy to sit outside the ROM eating a hot dog watching construction across the street and then taking the subway home.  I will say though, that I feel lucky to live in downtown Toronto.  We have access to the AGO and the ROM and it doesn't take us more than half an hour by public transit to get there.  When he gets to a certain age, it's going to be so much fun raising him with a huge metropolis at his fingertips.  

Friday night I had an awesome, side-splittingly funny International Women's Day evening with SMcKay and Lolly.  We went to Pacific Mall and got frozen yogurt and then went out for a delicious Chinese food dinner and they got to experience the wonder of Asian food value-for-dollar.  I think the price of dinner blew Lolly's mind, even if she did white person out and tip an egregious 20%.  The Dotytron's Record Club went until 2am.  It's so cute.  I love the concept and I'm glad he gets to do it.  The four guys get together, listen to an album and then drink and eat nibblies and talk about the record and associated music.  It's such a great outlet for him and the boys in the Club are a good crew.  

It was the Dotytron's first time hosting, so it was B's first time at our house.  He was really impressed with our dead-end street.  In his words: "You can't put a price on that!"  I have a few friends who are making their first forays into home buying in Toronto and it makes me feel so lucky that the Dotytron saw what he did in Lil' Ugmo.  We got really, really lucky.  In the price we paid and in all the stuff we dumb-lucked into.  I didn't think a dead-end street would be so awesome, and it is.  When you have kids?  It's the best.  Our street itself is the cutest.  Our neighbours knocked on our door yesterday afternoon and asked if the Big Yam could come out and play.  That's the kind of Jane Jacobs/Sesame Street type thing that I love about small towns like where my sister lives, and I never would have imagined that we would luck into living on a street where stuff like that happens.  It makes me so happy that the Big Yam will have the opportunity to grow up in this Norman Rockwell-y type setting in a big urban centre.  Yesterday was the first real warm day we've had - the day that signals the beginning of spring.  Thinking about walks to the beach in the summer, or playing in the splash pad or the park or the outdoor swimming pool THAT'S AT THE BOTTOM OF OUR STREET makes me feel so grateful that the Dotytron convinced me that Lil' Ugmo was the house for us.  It was the most solid call he's ever made.  We decided that he can coast on that for the rest of his life, and the only thing that will get these daps taken away from him is if he makes a call that causes us to lose the house.  Pretty fair, I'd say.

Then we had a Supper Club dinner at Momofuku Daisho.  I had pre-ordered us the Bo Ssam large format meal, which serves 8-10 and costs $240.  That's the base price and then any additional drinks, food, tax, and tip are added on top of that.  Here's the menu:

The Dotytron and I shared an extra dish of the halibut cheek crudo, because I love crudo.  The crudo was sliced a little thick for me, for a fish like halibut cheeks.  It would have been better if things had been sliced thinner.  It wasn't as nice as the crudo at Porzia.  The toppings for this crudo were kind of unimaginative (caper berries, fried wonton crisps, some thinly sliced white radish) and there wasn't any lubricating element like oil, or acid to bring all the elements of the plate together.

The Bo Ssam - a 6lb slow roasted pork shoulder served with lettuce leaves, white rice, pickled cucumber, 12 oysters, and a chili sauce, some kimchi, and a ginger-scallion sauce for making rolls.

Overall, I wasn't overly impressed with Daisho.  I thought the service, for a "fine-dining" establishment was really poor.  When the Dotytron and I walked in, we were told there was a 2 hour seating limit, which hadn't been made clear to me when I made the reservation or at any of the multiple points of contact the restaurant made to confirm the reservation.  Then, even though we were clearly waiting for the rest of our party to arrive, the server was like, "Well, your bo ssam is ready, and it's at its peak of perfection now," and I'm like, well what the heck am I supposed to do about that?  That's not MY FAULT.  What kind of restaurant expects to throw out a giant hunk of meat as soon as you sit down?  It's just poor and it set a bad tone.  The Bo Ssam was delicious, I have to admit.  The fat was nicely caramelized and the meat tore off in fat-soaked chunks.  The menu at Daisho was uninspiring, overall.  If the crudo and the service was any indication, I wasn't impressed and I had a hard time, looking at the menu, thinking of other dishes I would have ordered, had the Bo Ssam left us with any room.  The room is beautiful, but I'm in no hurry to go back.

Our company was wonderful, as always.  It's a mix of high school friends and some other peeps.  I love them all.  They are all so worldly, and interesting, and passionate, and brilliant conversationalists - it's just so nice to be surrounded by your smart, funny, accomplished friends, ya know?  Half of them we went to high school with and the other half are friends of friends and we all share a love of talking around good food and drink.  My friend L works at Hot Docs (her job is incredible) and was talking about starting a Documentary Film Club.  I love all these clubs!!!  It's like all these mini-salons with people I love.  What's not to like???

We have so many disparate groups of friends that it feels like we never get to see any of them as much as we'd like.  When we do, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many brilliant, talented, bright young things that love us as much as we love them.  So lucky.

Now we have the whole day to lazily prepare for Mexico.

Happy March Break, all!


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