Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This was a ballin' weekend of epic proportions.

SNOWMAGEDDON HAPPENED.  In a big, big way.  Between when I woke up at 6 on Friday morning and when I next looked out the window at 7:30am before leaving the house, it was a totally different landscape.  I'm not going to lie, it was hard getting the Big Yam into daycare.  I had the brill idea to tow him in our sled but our sled is one designed for babies and he weighs a metric tonne and it was like pulling a Loony Toons anvil behind me.  It took me half an hour to go a distance that usually takes me 7 minutes.  I left a nasty, nasty message on the Dotytron's celly to the effect of: LET ME HAVE THE CAR FOR ONCE YOU G-D SADIST.  YOU LOOK AFTER CHILDREN, I ACTUALLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH CLIENTS, IT'S WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAT I'M AT WORK ON TIME.

It was the worst. But I came home and something magical had happened: our neighbours who had the good fortune to work from home had shovelled all our sidewalk and walkways for us!  So sweet!  And my other neighbour who drives a sweet Audi SUV (ballers) gave me a ride in their car to go grab the Big Yam (good thing, since it took the Dotytron 2 hours to get home - the snowplows in their infinite wisdom plowed in all the exits on the 401 so he ended up in like, Whitby, before he could get off and turn around).  I love my neighbourhood.  The people on my street are so darned sweet.  This is what makes a community happen.

Our friend R's birthday party was being held on Friday night so against all odds, we managed to traverse the Hoth-like streets and get to Spin, which is that ping pong place that's kind of like a club.  It's also co-owned by Susan Sarandon, aka Ehmdo's boyfriend's Tim Robbins' ex.  MHui and R are ballers so we had a private room and there were DELICIOUS snacks.  Guys, Susan Sarandon is a really good cook!  We had devilled eggs (pictured above), fried chicken and waffles, Philly cheese steak skewers, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, crab cakes, and shrimp'n'grits in little cones. So good.  I made two kinds of cupcakes for the bday boy: vanilla with salted caramel buttercream and chocolate with brown sugar buttercream.

Two people thrilled with overnight babysitting

I didn't think I'd have the mustard to make it through the night, but as soon as I played one round of ping pong I was like, filled with typical competitive, steroid-like juice.  Unfortunately, we had to take the Big Yam to Chinese school the next morning so our overnight babysitting opportunity to sleep in was squandered.  We only had about 5 hours sleep and it was rough getting through Saturday.  

We had lunch at Congee Queen whereupon I ordered about 6 dishes for 2 adults.  It was obscene.  We followed this with dinner at Chung King Garden with our Discerning Coyote friend and JJ and S and their kids.  EPIC PEKING DUCK PARTY.  Then, because S loves cream puffs, we took them to Beard Papa for their inaugural Japanese cream puff experience.  

As an aside, My Fitness Pal insists that a Beard Papa cream puff is only 220 calories.  Uhhh, sure My Fitness Pal, if you say so.  I'm not complaining.  What's the word for when you know something is wrong but you choose to believe it because it suits your delusion?  Whatever, that's what my belief that Beard Papa cream puffs are only 220 calories is.  

Somewhere in there I was so crunked from lack of sleep the night before that I left the house in my pajamas with one of my mom's fur coats thrown over top.  The best line my mum said in relation to my grandma being in a nursing home:  "I have to find her [my Poh Poh] new tops, they [the nursing home] are having trouble laundering her clothes because they're all cashmere."  This is so revealing on so many levels.  ONLY MY MUM WOULD SEND SOMEONE TO A NURSING HOME WITH CASHMERE TOPS.  ONLY MY GRANDMA WOULD HAVE A WARDROBE CONSISTING ENTIRELY OF CASHMERE AND FURS.  LOL!  P.S. I told you all the way back in 2007 that I come from a long, long line of ballin' cashmere lovers.  
This kid needs a haircut like whoa.  So bowl-tastic right now!!!

At the nursing home visiting Poh Poh.  Poh Poh is wearing one of her new, non-cashmere tops.

Sunday we did a big Chinese New Year meal at my mum's house featuring 10 different kinds of preparations of dried and subsequently reconstituted mushrooms (my favorite!  Not being sarcastic!) and a bunch of different fungi.  All the names of the dishes mean something so you have to eat them because of auspiciousness.  We also had goh, which phonetically sounds like "rising higher" so all people who work salaried jobs are supposed to eat it because it means promotions and the like.  My favorite goh is lo bak goh (turnip cake) which some of you have probably had at a Cantonese dim sum place.  The sweet goh are less my thing.  

Then we headed back downtown to finally go home.  The Dotytron was CRAAAANKY.  Only like, 4 people in the world have seen the Dotytron be cranky.  Sometimes he's not even all that mad, but the volume and timbre and matter-of-factness of the delivery make it seem like what he's saying is extra withering.  Like, the last time we went to the cottage with the kdubsguelph crew, SMckay made burgers for dinner and the Dotytron was all like, "YOU ONLY BOUGHT A SMALL JAR OF PICKLES," which for him was just an observation but it makes it sound like a huge criticism.  I would say something like, "are there any more pickles?  No?  It's okay, I don't always eat them on my burger anyway," but the Dotytron is always like, full-steam ahead with the whole, "YOU ONLY BOUGHT A SMALL JAR OF PICKLES," thing.  

In this case, he was full-on cranky because he hadn't had a chance to play guitar all weekend and we were going to Momma D's to shovel her driveway and he knew that meant his night was a write-off.  Sometime between the morning and the evening he had also somehow gotten heart-set on Cinnabon and at first our drive home wasn't going to allow for a Cinnabon stop so he was being extra persnickety.  I convinced him we could do it and the turnaround in his demeanor once I got back in the car with the Cinnabons in hand was like, galling.  

Momma D is kind of notorious for under-ordering pizza.  She eats like a bird, so she thinks two pieces per adult is totally enough.  I thought I would have to do some finagling to get her to order a large instead of a medium, but she was fine with a large...it still meant that the Dotytron and I got 2.5 pieces each.  To give you some perspective, when we order from Pizza Paul's in Geneseo, we order two large pizzas (and the larges are LARGE down there), and 40 wings, for me, the Dotytron, and two kids.  LOL!  And we nearly finish everything, too.  Lucky we had the Cinnabons to chase it down.  I feel like this is a classic white person thing.  Okay, I just checked My Fitness Pal and one Cinnabon is 880 calories, so maybe the reduced pizza serving was okay.  I'm just an inveterate glutton.

Last night I got our lives back on track and we had brown rice with muttar paneer and red lentil dhal w/ yogurt & lime.  This entire meal is still less calories than a Cinnabon.  Heh.  


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