Thursday, January 17, 2013


Feeling the slog lately, folks.  Not much to report, still reading the same book, doing the same things, just the daily grind as it were.

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day.  I basically turned into a fat little weirdo and went to town eating the most DISGUSTING things, all spurred by an incredibly salty pseudo-Thai food lunch.  This resulted in scrapping last night's planned dinner (baked eggplant) in favour of hot dogs and KD (also salty).  Then I went to town and destroyed three quarters of a bag of dill pickle chips (also salty) and then ate a giant slice of that chocolate cake washed down with a cold, icy glass of milk.   I was sooooo thirsty all night.  It was the worst and basically wasn't worth it.

The Dotytron downloaded Deadwood and we've been watching it but I kinda hate it because everyone on the show is like, super ugly and grimy and dirty and unattractive all the time and I don't have the patience for that kind of wild west realism.  So I've spent the last few nights complaining mightily and then passing out in a pool of my own spit on the couch and then turning into mad dog when the Dotytron wakes me up to go upstairs to bed and throwing a million punches and thrashing around like a tantrum having toddler.  It's super-fun for my partner-in-residence, let me assure you.

The Big Yam, aside from weirdly deciding to go on strike from one of his two chores (feeding the cats - the other chore is setting the table), has been super-fun after dinner and we've been spending time coloring and then singing along to him playing the harmonica.  He's so cute.  He requests "Home Range" and "Blackbird" and what he calls the "Fish Song" (this one) all the time.  Here's a video of him playing the harmonica:

I love this kind of family time.  I love the energy in our house when this stuff is happening.  I know I'm going to look back on these videos and remember how happy and content and warm and cozy the house was with the Dotytron playing his guitar and the Big Yam discovering music.  When the post-dinner before-bed goes well, it's magic I tells you.  My only wish is that the Big Yam was a bit better with independent play - the ideal scenario is the Dotytron playing guitar and me reading or knitting and the Big Yam absorbed in his own activities (quietly).  It would be nice to get that some days.  But I get why he's so into being with us and having our attention after 10 hours spent at daycare (or "work" as he calls it).  In recent weeks after reading something that clued me in to how he must be feeling at the end of the day, I've relaxed a bit on the rigidity of having the Dotytron start dinner as soon as he gets in the door.  Having even 10 or 15 minutes of focused, parental play time is all the Big Yam needs to recalibrate and I find it does ease our transition into dinner and then the night.  There's less of a fight this way and it's not so harried.  Everything can wait.

We've been really good about using the slow cooker and capitalizing on quick meals to get us through the weeknights and it's paying off in spades.  Tonight we had that baked eggplant with an arugula salad on the side.  SHAME: I just realized I've been spelling "arugula" wrong for YEARS.  It doesn't help that spell-check for some reason doesn't recognize the correct spelling.  DON'T UNDERMINE ME, SPELL CHECK.  THAT'S A B***H-A** MOVE.


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