Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In which I face the obvious truth:

...I eat too many eggs.

I'm still using My Fitness Pal to track my caloric consumption because in case it's not blindingly apparent: I love documenting my life.  It dovetails neatly with my innate OCD/list-making nit-pickiness.  My Fitness Pal's daily summaries are NOT kind to yours truly.  I am consistently getting too much sugar, cholesterol, fat, and sodium, and not enough of the good stuff: calcium, dietary fibre, and iron.

It's f**king demoralizing, guys.  I can't even handle it.  WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?  You're supposed to balance your carbohydrate intake with protein, so I eat cheese and eggs in the morning and what does that get me?  Buckets of extra cholesterol.  But you can't eat nuts, because they're too fatty!  There's only so much Greek yoghurt a person can have, and quite frankly, it doesn't fill me up the way an egg does.  Also, the good Greek yoghurt (and by that I mean the LibertĂ© 0% vanilla) has sugar and is too rich for my blood (in cost, not calories).  I don't want to eat endless boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  That life seems like a shadow existence to me.

I just can't even.  HOW MUCH BABY ARUGULA DO I HAVE TO EAT TO GET ENOUGH DIETARY FIBRE THAT'S NOT FROM GRAINS?!?  Edit: I just re-checked my stats and my dietary fibre is all good.  Phew.

If anyone has any good ideas, then please do impart them here.  It doesn't help that every search of "good sources of proteins" lists eggs in the top 10.  And don't even MENTION quinoa.  Quinoa is not an enjoyable food.  It is penance food.  Don't get me wrong, I will eat quinoa (usually with eggs), but I'm not as stoked to eat quinoa as I am to go to town on a million deviled eggs.  It's just not the same.  Furthermore, now we're hearing all these reports that bougies are making quinoa unaffordable for the Peruvian farmers who produce it.  I actually think that's a good thing though, since increased costs for quinoa means that those Peruvian farmers would (presumably) be seeing increases to their standards of living.

Related to yesterday's post (which I've been told was hella depressing - apologies), here is an awesome site that I stumbled upon that will help you get your s**t together.  It was started by a woman whose husband was killed unexpectedly.  Get Your S**t Together  It provides a handy checklist that will help you decide how much life insurance to get, and also, to make things convenient and easy for the executor of your will and whoever has Power of Attorney.  We've (or rather, I) have done a lot of that already, but it's a good idea to have copies of your life insurance, passwords for banking, credit card info, etc. all in one place.  Smart stuff.  I remember when Poppa D passed away we had a hard time logging onto the wifi in their house because he was the only one who knew the password.  Things like that are small, but do make a difference (in addition to like, you know, not having to worry that you're going to lose the house and can pay for your children's education).

Last night was the funnest.   I went to the Eaton Centre with Dr. Rei to do some residual Xmas exchanging but we had dinner at Sansotei Ramen first.  Nothing dispels a snowy, blustery, wintery day like a big, steaming bowl of tonkotsu ramen & karaage.

I wish I could have shown you guys my tuna noodle casserole dinner last night.  It was a thing of beauty.  I accidentally deleted it.  More galling, I accidentally deleted this video of the Big Yam laboriously setting up his refrigerator magnet gears in one big, long, epic row, and turning the dial, only to find that the gears were stuck.  He doesn't get the mechanics of it quite yet.  It was so funny, only because of how long it took him to set it up and how thwarted he was.  Kid thwarting is hilarious (to mean adults).  The other day, he kind of bailed putting on his slippers and did that classic "Oooof" thing that you do when you trip or fall, and then followed it up with the quickest, "I'm okay!" We died laughing.


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chief cook, bottle washer said...

I've used My FitnessPal for a couple of years now (not every day but for a few weeks here and there every month. I primarily use it to track my iron/protein/fibre/vitamins more than to lose weight or track calorie consumption. But I find it supremely frustrating that I spend most of my time piecing together meals from the component bits because out here I make it all from scratch and the program supports more of "open the box and microwave" style of eating. In other news, I firmly believe that "egg on a bagel with cream cheese and tomato" is bliss on a plate and no other combination of foods makes me feel so content.
I eat one or two eggs everyday. With the exception of today because I was feeling guilty about the Peruvian farmers so I made a quinoa and buckwheat gruel (topped with whipping cream and brown sugar) to slurp down at my desk this morning. But taking that extra step instead of the old egg standby meant that I was behind the times and left my thermos of espresso at home and now I'm gulping back Nabob brown water thinking that if I had only had an egg this morning, I'd be enjoying a nice latte. There are no coffee shops in my town.