Monday, January 07, 2013

In the blink of an eye

...your just over 2 year old turns into a teenager.  The Big Yam had a nightmare last night so we pulled him into bed with us at 3am.  This morning, as we were battling our first-day-back-at-work blues and getting up to an alarm, he was splayed out horizontally on our bed, face down, out COLD when we'd been up for over an hour.  We had the light on in the room and everything, and he couldn't be roused.  When I finally nudged him awake he got all super-dramatic about it, thrashing around and moaning and telling me that it was too bright and to "turn light off!"

There have been insane linguistic advances lately.  He's gone from announcing his desires with only nouns to constant, "I want"/"I don't want" (usually followed by a please).  We're also into a "What's that Mama/Baba?" phase that we can see is going to lead into the incessant "Why?" territory soon, because he's doing it already with stuff he knows.  Also, in the last week he got super into tea parties, to the point where too much hard play with our actual tea cups resulted in the necessity of a tea set purchase.  For the record: he likes his tea with at least 5 spoons of sugar, and he likes it hot (he'll put it in the oven for you if it's not hot enough).

We had mild cases of the Sunday blues last night.  It was rough going to bed at 9:30 and setting an alarm when we'd been used to staying up late and sleeping in.  But this morning, I put on my GAP skinnies, pulled on my blazer, rolled my cuffs,  put on my booties at work and felt like a BOSS.  I can't help it - I just love working and I love my job.  I feel so fulfilled.  Tore through my vacation inbox gleefully and put things in motion and felt GOOD.

So.  New year.  I don't usually do resolutions, but if I was to try to be conscious of something it would be to be try to up my positivity and not be such a negative b***h, letting idiots and people who bug me send me into a time-sucking rage (over usually, very small things).  I would also try to be conscious of trying to be more relaxed and less control-freak and most importantly, making an attempt to humor people (like, my mum) instead of always trying to make sure the record is accurate.  Trying to make sure things are accurate is like, a huge fault of mine.  It makes it hard to let things go.  This is made difficult by the following:

1) I believe in informed choice
2) I believe in accuracy (and indeed, my job is basically to be an arbiter of reliable, accurate, and current information)
3) I have the memory of an elephant

Most people do NOT have my elephantine-like memory, which makes it difficult for me when I'm like, "100% this happened," and they remember it differently.  On the one hand, I can't HELP the fact that I have near-total recall.  On the other hand, I gotta learn to pick my battles and like, let it go sometimes.

It suits my narrative to think that people find me prickly because I'm loud, sure, confident, and an industrious pig with an elephant's memory.  I can construct the resistance to me as being anti-feminist and the fact that people like a woman who is more chill and laid back and less forceful.  I can recognize that this is a convenient narrative for me that obscures my need to look more closely at myself and try to attenuate my responses to situations so that they don't engender such a strong response in turn.  BUT (you knew there was going to be a giant but, there, didn't you?), I think a lot of the problem people have has to do with feminism and the anti-feminist need for women to be and act or express their opinions in a certain way.

This basically means that I'm not going to back down when the Dotytron's like, aunts and uncles espouse uneducated, simplistic, and sometimes downright offensive racist or anti-union opinions on a public forum like Facebook.  I'M PUTTING YOU ON NOTICE, DOTYTRON AUNTIES AND UNCLES!!!  I HAVE THE FACTS ON MY SIDE!!! Hahaha.

I'm currently reading this collection of essays called The Mansion of Happiness by Jill Lepore and there's a section on birth control and child-rearing that talks about Margaret Sanger (who you will likely know as one of the most vocal proponents for birth control access).  She published an 8 page monthly newsletter called The Woman Rebel (YES!) and in one issue exhorted her readers to:

"look the whole world in the face with a go-to-hell look in the eye."

To which I say a hearty, YES, GUY.

These are our breakfast and dinners lately:

Sour cream pancakes & English bacon

 Turkey dinner with stuffing, brussels sprouts salad, cumin roasted cauliflower, roasted garlic mash, for Dr. Rei, Hanbo, the Roomie, and L'Armi

 Sweet potato pecan pie for the same turkey dinner.  I cut back on the sugar in the sweet potato layer and it made it very potato-y.  I won't make that mistake again!

Turkey soup with dilled matzoh balls - leftovers from the turkey dinner put to good use as the Dotytron is feeling sick.

Not pictured: the baked whole wheat penne with tomato sauce, ricotta, and meatballs, covered with a thick, gooey, browned, chewy lid of mozzarella that we had for Sunday blues dinner last night, alongside caesar salad.  All I've been craving lately is like, red-sauce Italian-American food and plenty of it - fettuccine alfredo, chicken marsala, veal parmesan and heavily dressed caesar salads.  Yum.


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