Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy New Year!

Was Christmas only a week ago?  It feels like ages.  We've had a humdinger of a holiday so far, and what's best - there's still 4 work-free days to go!  

There was a lot of upheaval leading up to Christmas - the Dotytron's sister's pet cat was in and out of emergency and we didn't know if she was going to come to the farm or not and there was a lot of re-jigging and constantly changing plans to make sure that we'd get to spend time with her over the holiday.  It all worked out in the end, and we made it to the farm, a day later, but still, enough for us to revel in the stillness and beauty of rural Ontario (despite the presence of 3 dogs, turkeys, a couple of sheep, and a murderous rooster).  

The Boobla on Christmas morning, after opening his present from us - the classic Fisher Price Popcorn Popper, which he loves.  He's also wearing the hat I knit for him.

Scenes from the Farm.  Farmer R got the Big Yam this camo fleece suit for his birthday, and he was wearing it at the farm.  That's him and Farmer R doing man stuff in the family room.  So cute!  I love that photo.

3 turkeys in a barn.  This is shortly before I almost got beat up by a rooster.  The Big Yam was standing up, just surveying the scene and this vicious, bullying rooster just up and charged at him.  The  Big Yam freaked out, started crying, the Dotytron picked him up, and I ran at the rooster, who retreated for about 2 seconds and then came at me.  I ran away with my arms in the air, screaming.  That guy was tough.

We came home to a Christmas miracle: snow!!!  So we unpacked the car and promptly borrowed our neighbour's sled for some Big Yam sledding.  So grateful that we have an awesome hill AT THE BOTTOM OF OUR STREET.  Yay Lil' Ugmo!

Christmas with my family was a hoot.  This is the only decent photo we got with all the cousins.

Because my family believes in age-appropriate play.  This is how we treat the younger generation.  We followed this up by playing Cards Against Humanity with the kids present.  Then we all took turns timing each other in how long it took for us to put together a Melissa and Doug puzzle, marketed for children aged 3.  EVERYONE was timed, down to the youngest kids up to my brother's girlfriends.  It was awesome, and very typical my family.

My sister got the Big Yam this t-shirt, which is obviously the best t-shirt of all time.

On our way back home, we stopped at Phoenix for breakfast.  This is a sign of how far the Dotytron has come in his Chinese appreciation.  He was ALL OVER the weird, HK-style cafe offerings.  So stoked about getting chicken teriyaki with fried eggs and condensed milk toast.  I had the spicy satay macaroni soup. It's surprisingly comforting.

This is the quilt I made for the roomie's baby T.  Finished just in the nick of time!  The pattern is a simple one that I made up, making use of colorful scraps I had on hand in my stash.  

This adorable baby is the adorablest.  But she looks tired because she isn't sleep-trained.  LOL!  The roomie is always like, "T just went down for a 20 minute nap" and the Dotytron was like, "That's not a nap.  She's just spreading out her night's sleep over the course of an entire day."  I keep threatening that we're going to kidnap her for 3 nights and return her to the Roomie and L'Armi sleep-trained but the Roomie won't hear of it.

We spent New Year's Eve with our Magnetewan cottage crew - minus Pingy.  We had finger foods and talked about the Idle No More movement and Indigenous rights in Canada.  We also talked about the arts and it was precisely the kind of conversations that I love.  I've known Montréal I and the Roomie since university and feel so grateful that we found each other.  So many nights spent talking deep into the night.  So many more of such nights in our future.  Feeling lucky to have them.  Our New Year's breakfast with them was: nduja scrambled eggs, bacon, the Dotytron's waffles, and rye toast.

Last night's dinner.  I've been craving red meat like mad lately.  

We sent the Big Yam into daycare today.  The Dotyron and I are going to see a movie at our local with some free vouchers we got from a botched Dark Knight Rises screening in the summer.  

Saw a bunch of movies over the break...will review tomorrow.


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