Thursday, November 22, 2012

Muy Silencio...But Agradecido

It's been muy silencio around here lately.  Apologies for that.  I can't say that I've been doing anything spectacularly interesting with my time.  Just reading, some minor crafting, and mobilizing forces and schedules and energy reserves to face the coming onslaught that is: THE HOLIDAYS.  Plus, after the whirlwind that was Friendsgiving and Pie Party, I think I've needed to just zone out and decompress as much as possible.

One of my favorite things currently is coming home and making sure I get into the house quietly, so that I can watch the Dotytron and the Big Yam in the kitchen getting dinner ready.  It's just funny and cute watching them interact.  For example, from my vantage point at the front door yesterday, I saw the Big Yam standing on the stool by the sink and then he said, "Woooooowwwwww," followed almost immediately by the Dotytron going, "DON'T EAT THAT! IT'S YUCKY!" because apparently he had plucked a piece of last night's leftover turkey from the SINK DRAIN and stuck it in his mouth.  The Big Yam's drawn-out, "wooooooowwwww" is so awesome.  Mostly because it sounds vaguely sarcastic and it's always random things that prompt it.  

My other favorite part is when the Big Yam realizes I'm home and shouts, "Mama!" and then comes running out to tell me about whatever is on his mind (usually as of late, Dora-related) and gives me a big hug.  It's a cute little ritual that warms the cockles of my heart.  Last night he came running to the door and said, "Mama!" "Moon. Stars." which was pretty freakin' adorable - the Dotytron and the Big Yam had been talking about the night sky on their way into the house.

I think the heart-warmth comes from feeling so grateful that I have a partner in life, love, and parenting who shoulders an equal amount of responsibility for the big stuff.  As a younger, more biting feminist, I used to have a very black and white view of equality.  Equality meant that EVERYTHING was 50-50.  Finances?  50-50 (regardless of differentials in earnings).  Household chores?  50-50.  I'm still pretty bad about stuff but being with the Dotytron has resulted in incremental steps towards less rigid parameters.  The problem with being rigidly 50-50 about everything is that I'm a micro-manager.  So even if I expect my partner to do 50% of something, it still has to be done to my specifications.  That is like, totally obnoxious.  I can admit it.  Having the Big Yam has definitely helped to relieve the micro-managing.  I had no say on what happened during Dotytron Daycare in the summer.  Sure, if I wanted the boys to get some shiz done, they had to work that into their day, but I wasn't responsible for packing the snacks or the bag or figuring out activities.  I like the freedom it gives me to be able to do book club or a movie night without having to "worry" about what the Big Yam and the Dotytron are getting up to.  Hell, more often than not, the Dotytron is a much better parent than I could ever hope to be.  

We play to our strengths.  Home renovations and dealing with contractors?  That's all me, kids.  Packing up the car?  Over here (I wouldn't have it any other way).  Imaginative, unstructured play?  Mostly the Dotytron.  Bedtime routine?  All Dotytron all the time (I come in for stories, but duck out when it's the moment of truth time).  Bath?  Mostly the Dotytron.  It's a good system.

 Tonight for dinner we had leftover borscht and proscuitto, pear, and brie panini

Last night's dinner: freezer borscht w/ dilled sour cream & calabrese & provolone panini

Tuesday night's dinner - so freakin' good.  Open-faced turkey sandwich on white bread with gravy and leftover Friendsgiving beets and brussels sprouts.  I loves me an open-faced turkey sandwich so hard.  It's a holdover from when my family used to do road trips and we'd stop at Howard Johnson's and I'd get a hot turkey sandwich and a brownie sundae.  So boss.  Nailed the gravy, too - it had a nice overtone from the white wine I used to deglaze the pan.

Mad soups and sandwiches around here lately.  Last week's curried acorn squash soup with the Dotytron's signature tuna melts.


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