Friday, November 02, 2012

Dia de los Muertos

We had a really good night.  We told funny stories about Poppa and Kung Kung and Poppa D and Grandpa Reid and we left them food and drink on our little altar:

My posole also kicked about 10 different kinds of culo.  I could eat that shiz all day.  What's not to love about hominy, beans, and pork shoulder simmered for hours and hours?  NOTHING.

I forgot to post these photos yesterday - check out these awesome Day of the Dead masks:

From Scrumdilly's blog.  They put glowsticks in the eye sockets for night.  Brilliant!

Tonight is Ladies' night on my street.  We're going to go out to this restaurant in the 'hood called the Riverside Public House.  It's not getting the most amazing reviews but it's close and the menu is low-key enough for some of the more unadventurous eaters in the group.

Tomorrow is: Lolly's wedding!!!  I've got my outfit all ready and I've been practicing my reading.  Looking forward to partying with all my kubdsguelph crew and SMcKay sleepover, post.


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