Friday, October 05, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend!

It's my favorite holiday of the year!  This year is a little different - instead of doing the big turkey and all the fixins, we're decamping to Western New York to visit my sis and family.  Bruce Wayne is coming, too!  

So yes, I'm going to be missing out on turkey, but I can cook a turkey any old time (see: 2007 when I randomly would roast a goose or do a giant glazed ham for no particular reason).  I'm going to be loading up on Aunt Cookie's subs, Cracker Barrel breakfasts, Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes, Nick Tahou's garbage plates...and because my outlaw bro is on the campaign trail and has to kiss every baby and show up at every church fundraiser in town, I think there will be a lot of community pot roasts and chicken and biscuit dinners, and apparently an all-you-can-eat breakfast fundraiser in my future.

HOWEVER.  I downloaded this app that my friend told me about called "My Fitness Pal" which is basically a calorie counter and helps you lose weight.  I input my goal weight (which is about 7 pounds less than where I'm at now) and said that I wanted to lose about 1 lb a week...AND IT GAVE ME A LIMIT OF 1200 CALORIES A DAY.  Buhhhhhhhhhhh.  THAT'S NEGATIVE FOOD!  I put in a banana and an apple and that's like, 300 calories.  WTF?!?  You can "earn" more calories by doing exercise and my average day consists of at least 40 minutes of biking and an hour+ of walking, but still!  1200 calories?!????  Get outta here!  I haven't been running lately because the string of sexual assaults has me wigged...I run in the early early morning and I've just been avoiding it.  I've also been feeling lazy.  I'm going to do a 5km run for victims of domestic assault in my sis' town though.  Nothing like a cold 5km!  HOLD THE PHONE.  Avoiding running because of sexual assaults and then doing a run to benefit domestic assaults = my run is mad topical, yo.  

Last night was crazy productive.  I finished my Halloween wreath:

This was a super-easy project that my friend G hipped me to.  I bought pipe-insulation from Home Depot (flexible foamy stuff) for about $3.75 (you definitely don't need all of it!)  I cut off about a 16-18" length and taped it into a tube.  This will look like a small circumference for a wreath but keep in mind, the wreath gets HUGE with the tulle sticking out. Then, I cut a tonne of approximately 12" lengths of orange and black tulle and using 3 at a time, double-knotted them around the foam tube until I was done. I was too excited to put it on the door (with Halloween decor, you only get a month and I'm already 5 days in!) to properly fluff it, but you get the drift.  If you used red, white, and green tulle you could do a Holiday wreath (or an Italian one?)  I've also put out my Halloween bunting garland and I'm going to turn some of my shrubs and tomato cages into ghosts (see Pinterest inspiration below):

I also finished the two birthday crowns for the Little Big Cuz and Big Big Cuz.  I'm going to do photos when we get down there.  I also packed and did some tidying so I felt really good about myself.  My friend G at work heard about my last weekend (when I made the drapes and planted bulbs) and was like, "Do you have Redbull running through your veins?!"  I'm high on life!  I can't help it!  I also found my US sim card which made me very happy.

Have a very very very happy Thanksgiving, you beautiful turkeys!


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Nicole said...

iTrackBites for iPod or iphone is great. It's a free Weight Watchers impersonator