Monday, October 29, 2012

Le Petit Prince

I've never laughed harder in my life.  I would say that all-told, I put in about 10-15 hours of work into this costume, between going out and buying the fabric and supplies, cutting and sewing the jacket, applying the trim, and then knitting him the wig-hat and pulling the yarn through to make the "hair."  That's a not-insignificant amount of time.  But when he put on the whole was worth it for the amount of howling the costume elicited.  I mean really, just LOOK AT HIM:

I'm really dreading the day when he's going to express some opinion as to what he wants to be for Halloween and I won't be able to dictate it based on my whims.  Shouts out to SMckay who either came up outright or who planted the seed and enthusiastically supported the vision.  Thanks to G who lent me a pair of her daughter's black leggings.  He definitely looks more like the David Chappelle version of Prince than the actual Prince, but I feel like this just adds to the general cracked out charm of the costume.

We dressed as members of The Revolution

Our costumes weren't as good as the Big Yam's.  A dearth of Halloween parties this year (my two usual suspects for Halloween parties were both out of commission) meant that I didn't put a tonne of effort in.  So unfortunately, you won't have the opportunity to see the Dotytron in his XL silver Spandex leggings from Forever 21.  Not this year anyway.  They're on standby for next year.

This is one of the only group shots I could get from the Halloween party we went to yesterday at my neighbour's house:

I really really really like my neighbours.  I also consider it a personal affront when a neighbour wants to move off the street.    

The birthday party on Saturday was so sweet.  We didn't know very many people but everyone was so nice and so cute, the time just flew by.  They set up an indoor bouncy castle and the Big Yam was in there at first with the girls (because most of the girls were closer to his age) and then stayed in when the boys went in and I'm telling you, I didn't have the stomach for watching my kid in a bouncy castle.  It's way too Thunderdome for me.  I feel like it's a concussion waiting to happen.  Ha!

I was pretty pooped post party so I stayed home while the Dotytron went out to see A play.  It was a good thing too, because he got to have a night with the boys.  A night of being out til 5am and getting wasted and roaming Chinatown in search of cold tea and almost getting into a fight.  He was a hurting unit yesterday.  I took pity on him so I packed up the Boobla and took him with me erranding - we hit up the Farmer's Market and Canadian Tire where I randomly bought a million LED flash lights.  Which will prove to come in handy when this FRANKENSTORM tears down every tree around and we're without power.  I pride myself on my emergency preparedness preoccupation, but I'm not that big of a prepper, really.  We've never talked about escape routes or whatnot in great detail (although it's on my to-do list).  But I am THRUMMING with excitement at the opportunity to mobilize in preparation for the hurricane.  The book I'm reading right now, The Age of Miracles, is certainly helping to get me in the right frame of mind for apocalypse and food shortages and whatnot (it's about what happens when the earth suddenly starts rotating slower on its axis - leading to days and nights that last for 50 hours or more).  

My friend in Ohio, H is super into emergency preparedness (one more thing that makes us kindred spirits), and he gave us his Bug Out Bag contents list.  This list is a thing of beauty.  Coupled with the Dotytron's reinvigorated love of camping, I see many many hundreds of dollars being spent at Mountain Equipment Co-Op in our future.  UV filters!  Collapsible saws!  Machetes!!  Flints!!

Sunday hangover breakkie - corned beef hash & over-easy eggs.

Sunday dinner: spaghetti and meatballs.  I went balls-out Nonna and made 7lbs of meatball mix.  Half got frozen in 2 separate ziploc bags.  The other half turned into meatballs and cooked off.  Of that, half of those were mixed with sauce and put in the freezer for future sliders/sammies/who knows what, and the remainder got turned into the meal you see above.  

Guys, I started my holiday baking on Sunday.  Sorry, didn't mean to stress you out, but I was looking at the calendar and I started freaking - we're booked up until the weekend of November 24th/25th!  Too crazy.  Anyway, in the past, I've done double batches of cookies and frozen them balled up, so that I just have to make 4 or 5 different kinds and can bake up a mixed box as I need them.  Psychologically, making 100-portion batches of cookie dough can be really intimidating.  So I'm switching it up this year and making one batch of a type on Saturday and Sunday leading up to the holidays.  That way, I get to try a bunch of different recipes and reincorporate old favorites, and then I'm not balling up dough and hating my life for hours because I break it up over a few days.  This tactic will give me more variety.  I'm hoping that this will make the process more fun and less grim/utilitarian/militaristic.  I'll report back.  

I'm mostly freaking because I committed myself (in my head) to making the Big Yam an advent calendar, which means I have to be finished it in a month, if I want to start the activities and treats calendar on December 1st (the whole point of an advent calendar).  I also put out notice to my siblings that I'm NOT doing Christmas presents for them this year.  I'm just not going to do it.  Last year was silly.  There was a gag-gift Yankee swap AND the usual secret Santa and I'm just over the tyranny of buying gifts for grown adults.  I think that the holidays is about CHILDREN and I'm also over getting a pile of crap and more stuff.  I'm not feeling it and I really just want to be able to sit around with my family and the Dotytron's family and talk and be cosy and watch movies and eat cookies.  I'm not into the whole army of presents thing the Dotytron's family does.  It just feels silly now that I'm into my thirties.  And it's so much garbage made so no reason.  Anyway, it's been radio silence from my siblings so I think they're just going to ignore me...but I'm holding firm!  Nothing for anyone but the kiddies!  I don't even know if we're going to get the Big Yam anything other than stuff for his stocking.  Realistically, judging by how thrilled he was by our trip to Canadian Tire, I might just stuff his stocking with like, a pair of slippers, a toque and mitts, and a bunch of Canadian Tire money.  

Dinner tonight was a storm-busting borscht (made with short ribs), with dilled sour cream and cheddar-sage biscuits.


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