Saturday, October 13, 2012

In praise of FLOR

We agonized over whether or not to cover up our beautiful new bamboo floors with a rug in the living room. It was a tough decision but all it took was one look at a teensy tiny baby scratch from one of the Big Yam's toys (really, it might have just been a hair or a large speck of dust - but who knows?) for the Dotytron to be firmly TEAM RUG.  So I looked and looked and pinned and dog-eared and we couldn't find anything that was quite right.  Either the size wasn't right or it was too plush or too light or really, just too expensive (that happens a lot with rugs, you'll find).

We have a little mat at the front door that's made up with two oatmeal coloured FLOR carpet tiles that I bought on a whim at CB2 but generally, a whole 16 square FLOR rug costs as much, if not more, than a rug that you don't have to put together yourself.  Then I saw that they were having a sale.  So we snapped up 16 of the Petal Pusher design in Poppy:

The pattern is kinda cray, but I like the pops of color and the yellow picks up on our accent colour.  I didn't want anything particularly neutral because of cat  vomit and general living concerns (read: having to listen to the Dotytron talk about stains and how we need to buy a special carpet cleaner solvent blah blah blah).  I also like the fact that it was a cheap investment and that if something goes wrong with one tile, you can just swap it out.  It's a bit loud, but you can't see it unless you're sitting in the room, so it's not terribly distracting, plus, I think it gives us a good base now for this teak mid-century coffee table we got for a song but don't generally put out because it's too big.  The block of colour from the teak will break up the colour.  Most importantly, it's a soft, sustainable, ecologically sound surface for our butts and for the Big Yam to play on.  

Here's the thing with FLOR carpet tiles, though.  FLOR is always like, "we can't guarantee that the pattern will line up" (the tiles have a rubber backing that makes them non-stick so basically you just stick them to each other with what amounts to glorified round address labels)...but I'm like, "Uhhh...why not?"  Seriously!  We would have a perfectly lovely looking carpet if they had just sent us 2 more of one variation of the pattern instead of the one they did send.  How hard would that be to execute?  Not very.  It does make for some visual interest but at the same time I'm like, this makes no G-D sense.  There's no good reason other than laziness!!!

Overall, I'm very happy with the carpet.  It's already made floor chilling way more enjoyable.  

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