Monday, October 01, 2012

I need another weekend

I had Friday off so technically a 3 day weekend, but I'm STRESSED, sons.  I'm hustling as hard, if not harder, than Rick Ross - work is crazy.  I'm prepping for an interview I may or may not get.  Life is crazy!  And despite my best efforts to keep things calm and sane and lo-pro, it just ain't working.  I decided to keep the Big Yam home with me on Friday. We went for a walk with my friend M and her baby P.  Then we hopped on the streetcar (which was absolutely thrilling for the little guy - see below) and met up with Ehmdo who treated me to a birthday lunch.  

Ehmdo and I stumbled on a Maynard's candy ad shooting in Trinity Bellwoods.  They had a giant swedish berry, a giant fuzzy peach, and a giant whatever the apple candy is being chased by the mouth over there.

We went for lunch at County General, which is a vaguely southern themed restaurant in the Queen West strip.  It's a small, narrow room.  They don't have high chairs (of course) so we ate on the patio with the Big Yam on my lap.  They have a very small menu.  We both got the fried chicken thigh sandwich - which is two lightly floured, deep-fried thighs stacked on a wee little 3.5" bun with some avocado salsa and pickled onions.  It comes with very crunchy (though slightly over salted) fries or salad.  This was really tasty and satisfying, although for the price ($14), I kinda wanted two sandwiches?!?  Is that wrong?  It was really good, but not necessarily worth crossing town for.  I just picked up some Costco-sized packs of chicken thighs so I'm going to try to recreate it at home.  

After lunch with Ehmdo, I took the Big Yam on an epic walk through Parkdale picking up stuff for various craft/Halloween projects I've got on the go.  We stopped in at Glory Hole Donuts, which I find has an absolutely disgusting, repulsive name.  It's not cute, guys.  I got a four pack to go: pistachio, cookies'n'cream, buttered toast, and pretzel.  I thought these were kind of disappointing.  Like Paulette's, it's the same doughnut base (in this case, a yeasted doughnut to Paulette's cake variety), with different toppings.  The glazes and toppings were very ho-hum.  The yeasted doughnut was okay, but the fryer oil must not have been switched recently because it imparted a stale, old oil taste which was unpleasant.  Texturally the doughnuts had a nice chew, but nothing outstanding.  The glazes weren't overpoweringly sweet but they were just middling.  Not a lot of the promised flavour.  The best one by far was the buttered toast, which had originality and faithfulness going for it.  I hate to compare again to Doughnut Plant but I can't help it.  Once you've had a Doughnut Plant doughnut it's REEAAAALLLLY hard to taste something else and think they measure up.  Doughnut Plant has this place beat in terms of size, value for money, flavours, and execution.  I think the Doughnut Plant doughnuts are at least double the size.

I picked up Mother India rotis for Friday night takeout night.  I had the malai kofta.  The Dotytron had the chicken tikka masala.  The Big Yam had lamb curry and ate like, half a roti.  

Saturday we had Mandarin school and then I was on my own with the Big Yam because the Dotytron was at this Ontario Band Association workshop.  It was cute seeing how fired up he was after coming home from it.  I dragged the Big Yam around with me all over the place.  We went to St. Lawrence Market and picked up andouille sausage and had a breakfast sandwich.  Then we went to get gas at the cheap place.  I'm physically incapable of paying more for gas if I know there's a cheaper option, even if it means doubling back and going out of my way to save 3 cents on the litre.  Then we went out to Scarborough to go to Diana's seafood to pick up dinner supplies, then we went grocery shopping on the Danforth, and then I finally let us come home.  It was epic.  But it made it worth it when he pointed at the lobsters in the tank at Diana's and yelled, "snakes!"  

Our dinner guests ended up cancelling on us so I did a variation of what I was going to serve.  This meant that the Dotytron and I had the enviable task of taking down a dozen oysters and a dozen clams casino each.  We had French Kiss and Lucky Lime oysters and I almost killed myself shucking the clams.  I also made a caprese salad and corn on the cob and garlic bread.  It was really, really tasty.

The Big Yam and I made these butterscotch cookies with white chocolate.

There was a Nuit Blanche thingy happening around the corner from us so we went and checked that out as well.  There was some kind of interactive video installation as well as a participatory event where you could contribute to this mural that local artists are painting along the side of this revitalized building.  Pretty cool.  I didn't have to deal with all the amateur hour drunks and crowds that otherwise make Nuit Blanche so disgusting and off-putting.  I just had to deal with this lady who named her kids Trenton and Camden.  Ugh.  Why not Uxbridge?  Or Peterborough?  

Sunday was bucktown.  We went swimming super-early in the morning, which elicited mad grumbles from the Dotytron, but it was worth it because we had some major bubble blowing, kicking-on-your-back breakthroughs with the Big Yam.  Then we picked up my Poh Poh and took her with us to Costco and then lunch.  Then we came home, the Dotytron went to rehearsal and I ended up planting a million bulbs and tearing out to shrubs I wasn't happy with and transplanting our sickly peony.  As the Dotytron said when I asked him for some extra leverage help when he was on his way out the door, "Sometimes, I wish you weren't so you," meaning, that he wished for some reason that I didn't go so hard all the time.

I also made our drapes this weekend:

So easy!  The annoying thing was pinning, ironing, and measuring so much fabric.  Otherwise, it was a cinch. I used plastic snap-on grommets.  The fabric is Small Talk - blackbird by Waverly.  Here's a detail:

I also finished a chunky, teal, knotted infinity scarf:

And I'm almost finished making these two birthday crowns - one for the Big Yam and the other one for Little Big Cuz:

The finished product doesn't look as nice as the unsewn pieces up there...mainly because I'm not good with free-hand machine stitching.  This will mean nothing to most of you, but it's hard doing curved lines!  And it's hard controlling the fabric when you've lowered the feed dogs.  Ah well, it's the thought that counts, right?  I'm putting an elastic band on the back so that I don't have to do a new one every year.  

And that, was my weekend.  Too much!  

This weekend we're going to Western New York to visit my sis and family.  They've been put through the ringer with the most INSANE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY CAMPAIGN in like, ever.  In between stuffing my face on Aunt Cookies subs I plan on spending a lot of time relaxing on one of their million overstuffed couches and prepping for my interview.

Tonight for dinner we had braised pork chops and apples with mashed sweet potato and maple syrup glazed carrots.


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