Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Home sick

I left work early yesterday sick and stayed home from work today.  Which means I missed the FROG meeting yesterday and I'm feeling guilty.  I want to get more involved in community doings and joining FROG was going to be my entry point.  That crew needs all the help they can get.  They were waiting to meet in person to assign tasks and I was like, "why don't you set up a Google document with the tasks so we can sign ourselves up and get started?" *sound of crickets*  It's basically as bad as some of the teachers in the Dotytron's current school who REFUSE TO USE EMAIL.  Like, don't have accounts, refuse to learn, cannot be contacted that way.  I feel like that's completely unacceptable in this day and age!  Ridiculous.

In between napping on the couch, I've had time to contemplate a few things:

1) I've decided that I want a very dark, deep, matte navy nail polish and it's proving impossible to find.
2) My new fall weekend uniform consists of: boyfriend jeans, New Balance, a t-shirt, thin sweater, or a long-sleeved henley, and a blazer.  I feel like I'm KILLING it in this outfit.
3) The Big Yam reciting a signature SMckay catchphrase:

Last night the Dotytron made us shakshuka eggs for dinner:

I am LOVING our new placemats.  I got them from Modern Twist - they do these silicone placemats that are awesome!  Wipeable, easy to keep clean, great designs.  I got the Kyoto design in lemon, to go with our accent colour.  This design is actually out of print so I had to do some chasing to gather up enough for 8 settings.  Love!!!

Tonight we had freezer chicken tikka masala and eggplant bharta with brown rice and rotis:

This is the Big Yam feeding homemade play dough to Dom:

My friend G hipped me to this 10 minute homemade playdough recipe (available here).  It's AWESOME!  It takes less than 10 minutes...about 30 seconds, really.  I like it because it's less crumbly than regular playdough...it didn't seem to get everywhere, and I like that I'm controlling the ingredients so if the odd piece gets into his mouth, I feel comfortable that it's not going to give him weird horns or anything.

Uhhh...that's it for me.  I'm off to bed again.


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