Friday, October 12, 2012

A Very Bubby Birthday

In case you're keeping count, this is the second celebration of the Bubby's birthday.  I took the day off yesterday to spend time with him.  I kept it pretty low-concept.  We went for a walk, did some grocery shopping, he got to put stuff in the cart, we hung out with the Roomie and T, then we baked his cake, and his Nana, Auntie Ehmdo, and R from R&R Acres, and Nana's sister came over and we had dinner and opened presents and ate cake.

It was just the right amount of fun!

People got him the perfect gifts too.  A good mix of books and the kind of small-ish educational, wooden items that I encourage.  Momma D got him a play kitchen that we still have to set up, but it wasn't mountains of plastic, noise-making eyesores, which my sanity and sense of aesthetics definitely appreciates!

Auntie Tiff et Family got him a puzzle and this wooden fruit chopping set that he LOVES.

The Most Hilarious/Awesome present award goes to Auntie Ehmdo, who gave him a personalized pillow with Instagram photos from his life on it.  SO GOOD.  

No shots of his birthday dinner or cake.  I kept is simple.  He likes meat and cake (real, and stuff he mistakes for cake), so I seared flank steaks and served them with smashed CSA potatoes with a bacon-chive sour cream, sautéed mushrooms, and roasted beets.  For his cake we had a very simple banana cake barely frosted with a thin layer of cream cheese frosting.  He's going to be getting more cake at his birthday lunch on Sunday (we're having AYCE Indian buffet in recognition of his most favourite of cuisines), so I wanted to keep this one basic.  We're also going to a wedding Sunday night which will mean MORE cake.  So he's definitely covered in the sweets department for the forseeable future.  

I can't believe he's two!  He really is a swell kid.  I don't know what else to say.  He brings us a lot of happiness.  

This is the little guy all tuckered out in his bed with his two buddies: Dom (the bear) and Tabby (the baby doll - he named her after the Roomie's baby).  We named the bear Dominik in reference to a certain happy hardcore DJ from Toronto.  Dom (the bear) makes a squeaky noise and he also has a touch of the crazy E'd out eyes, and we used to prop a shaker in his arm and then bounce him up and down so he was totally raved out.  The Big Yam shortened it to Dom on his own.  


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dr. rei said...

OMG naming that bear Dominik = eternal lolz