Friday, September 14, 2012


Overheard by one of my teacher friends, who has an office where the windows allow for mad courtyard eavesdropping without being seen:

Group of boys (probably aged 12 or 13):

"I think she might like girls"
"Well, she says she's not a virgin"
"She said she's been penetrated before"
"Do you know what that means?!?  'Pene-' as in penis '-trated'!"



Especially hilarious given the letter that is being offered to conservative Christians and Muslims asking that parents be warned before "sensitive" topics (like homosexuality, environmentalism, sexuality, marriage, and evolution) are brought up in the classroom.

Yep, that's obviously what today's kids need.  LESS INFORMATION.

Clearly, they're being taught all they need to know at home.


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