Saturday, September 22, 2012

MINE! All Mine!!!

Treat yo' self 2012.  As you know, I've been kind of obsessed with satchels.  I've had my eye on the Cambridge ones, but they were a bit too rich for my blood (ASOS was selling them for around $215 depending on the color/trim).  Anyway, this week I stumbled upon an ASOS promo code and I decided to treat myself to a 14" Leather Satchel Company schoolboy satchel in oxblood leather.  It came to $130 (including shipping) for real leather, which I think is a pretty darned good deal!  I'm in looooove with it.  
I don't know what the difference is between the Leather Satchel Company and the Cambridge Satchel Company, but I suspect that it's the same difference as Uggs vs. Emus.  Same product, different name with less cachet, lower price.  

Other than that, my fall wardrobe buying has consisted of a few pairs of tights and some stuff from Joe:

I also got a classic two-tone oxford shirt from the Gap:

And that's about it.  I'm on the lookout for some black booties and a pair of black pumps for work and I'm donezo.  I feel like the booties will look nice with all the skirts and dresses I generally wear in the winter.


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Arianne said...

Good buy! I prefer Leather Satchel Company bags so much more than Cambridge. The former are so much lighter and better made. Plus there's the warranty. I'd love to see photos of the Oxblood. I've been thinking about getting another and I'm torn about British Racing Green or Oxblood.