Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting owned

Momma D emailed me and asked me what's been keeping me at work lately (I've worked through lunch and stayed late already a bunch this week) so I was like, "LEMME TELL YOU" and broke it down into a giant 10 page email.  It's so bucktown right now!  So many research requests!  And we're hosting this conference and I'm presenting a panel session in addition to intro-ing two other sessions.  And I applied for these two Research positions that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get but I'm prepping for interviews in case I get called anyway.  One of the positions requires knowledge of macroeconomics and quantitative research experience so I'm boning up on Excel and making tables and graphs with it.

This life, man.  It's intensity in ten cities.

AND YET.  In the morning, when I leave the house with the Big Yam nattering away on my back in the Ergo  pulling my bike loaded with the sundries I need for a day of work alongside, there is a nip and a chill and a briskness in the air that says that summer is steadily loosening its suffocating grip and we are easing our way into fall weather.  And as we all know, I LOVE FALL WEATHER.  My heart thrums with excitement!  Forget ice creams and semifreddoes - here comes leisurely weekend baking, the house redolent of cinnamon, feeling the cold tile of the kitchen under our feet as we make deliciously rich weekend breakfasts, the return of sweater dresses and tights and thick scarves looped around my neck.  I'm feeling fall, y'all.  I'm feeling it in a big big way.  I'm feeling one-pot dinners, braises, thick nourishing carb-laden meals and proper Sunday suppers featuring giant joints of meat that have roasted slowly all day.  I'm feeling pulling out Nanny Dotytron's crochet afghan and sitting on the couch after dinner when it's already dark at 7pm and reading stories with the Big Yam tucked in next to me wearing his little leather moccasins.

I've got fall fever.  I think this year's fall wardrobe will include some kind of bootie for work.  I'm feeling like my "all flats all the time" policy is due for some reassessment to help me be a grown-up.  The problem is I have giant calves, so I need something that's gonna make my ankles look nice and trim.

In other news: major Halloween costume progress has been made.  Dr. Rei and I hit up the Eaton Centre and surroundings on Tuesday night.  Haven't been to a mall in forevers.  Here's my ranking of best tunes played in mall stores:

1) Forever 21
2) Hot Topic - Dr. Rei: "Are we seriously in here right now?"

Last place would be everything else: Zara, H&M, Ardene, Claire's.  Yikes, is all I have to say.  Yikes.

The reason why we were even around the mall is because we saw Celeste and Jesse Forever.  Which was co-written by Rashida Jones.  It's about Celeste and Jesse, who have been together since high school, got married, and are separated but still together all the time.  It's about what you do when you still love your significant other but they're not right for you and you're maybe not IN love with them any more.  There were some really great, funny moments.  It's filmed in that hipster-y, washed-out, sun-refracting Hipstamatic style that's so popular with the young folks nowadays.  This can lend everything a very hazy, L.A.-feel which is good sometimes, but can feel kind of lazy other times.  The soundtrack is also kind of annoying and invasive. The performances are pretty good - especially from Jones and Samberg.  Elijah Wood is wasted as this weird gay one dimensional co-worker character who never really gets fleshed out.  Emma Roberts plays a spoiled teen pop-tart on par with Miley Cyrus or Ke$ha and does a good job.  She has luminous skin and expressive eyes.  She's SO YOUNG.  My problem with this movie was the story.  It kind of makes sense and then it kind of doesn't.  I dunno.  I get that sometimes you can love someone but still not be your best self around them.  But I feel that the script doesn't really convey why  they're not right for each other or shouldn't be together, because Celeste and Jesse's rapport (and the chemistry between the two actors) is so convincing.  They don't seem like they shouldn't be together.  Or, if they shouldn't be together, there shouldn't be so much longing for each other.  I feel like the thought of still being with any one of my exes fills me with disgust and revulsion.  Wait.  Let me verify.  

Yup, still filled with disgust (I just went and looked at photos of my exes).  I'm just like, if you want to be with them so bad, you should be with them, ya know?  Anyway, those are my thoughts.  The movie also seems to say that being best friends isn't enough and I would disagree.

The stuffed eggplant

Monday dinner: penne with eggplant, grape tomatoes, olives & basil

Wednesday dinner: pulled pork, coleslaw, corn


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