Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Bye, summer!

It's been swell.  I feel like the last weeks of summer kind of slipped us by.  Since coming back from the cottage it's been just non-stop getting the house unpacked and in order and a million trips to Ikea and going to town with a microfibre cloth on the new hardwood.

The Dotytron is a psychopath.  As soon as I get something new, I'm very meh if it gets thrashed.  I'm of the school of thought that furniture should be used and part of your life.  The Dotytron is the EXACT opposite and is losing his mind with, well, just about everything.  We got these new acrylic side tables and he freaks out when there's a smudge or a smear (note to all you furniture buyers: DO NOT buy clear acrylic anything if you have issues with smudges), claiming that any dirt on them makes us look like we live in "an 80s coke house" (he's not entirely wrong, there).

He basically chases us all around with one of those hardwood microfibre mops and a bottle of the spray cleaner.  I'm anticipating that as school starts to take more of his attention, that will wane and we'll go back to the "immaculate for company" style of housekeeping we usually favor.

This morning was a return to the yearly rhythms and schedule and I for one, while we had a glorious summer,  welcome it.  We were in bed by 10 and up just before 6am and it was a well-oiled machine around these parts.  The Big Yam and I got to J's house, EARLY, even!  It was just nice to be organized and stress-free and normal again.  And while I am stressing hard about knitting a million hats and mitts for the Boobla and gathering all the supplies for our Halloween costumes, I do love fall.  I'm excited to hunker down and not be out and about and have more intimate dinners at home with people as opposed to all the high-concept outings we do in the summer.

So I asked the Big Yam who he loves and without missing a nanosecond of a beat, he said, "Net" (what he call's J).  Hahaha.  So funny!  On Sunday morning, I made us this for breakfast:

Basically, breakfast tostadas featuring those delicious, thick, corn tortillas from La Tortilleria in Kensington, some casing-less chorizo (also from Kensington - Segovia's), sautéed up and home made refried black beans, a poached egg, some crema, chunks of avocado and some of the green salsa from La Tortilleria.  The big people got two per plate and the Big Yam got one.  A pretty big portion all around relative to our respective sizes.  So of course, being the speed-eater that I am, I hoovered my portion in like, 5 minutes.  The Dotyron took about 10.  The Big Yam wasn't feeling it at first.  He just kind of ate the beans and was more interested in drinking water.  He seemed content to sit there, though, so we left him and hung pictures.  Over the course of about an hour, he quietly and diligently polished off his plate.  Which included eating a poached egg which isn't generally his favorite egg preparation.  This made us realize that we need to GIVE THE LAD TIME (and also, slow down eating ourselves).  What we think of as being "snoopy" (which is a term from the Dotytron family for being a picky eater), is usually probably us just rushing him through his meal.  If he has time to sit and consider and work at his own pace, he'll eat everything.  A valuable lesson for all!

He's kind of the best right now.  I really enjoyed our walk to daycare this morning because he's talking so much and pointing stuff out and it's just thrilling watching him grown into his sentience.  He's getting pretty good with his letter recognition, too.  If we're reading a book or magazine he'll point out the letters he knows from the larger print.  We also haven't had to deal with diaper deuces in like, forever.  At least 3 months or so.  He just tells us he has to go do a poop in the potty and like, DOES it.  I'm telling you, early potty training is where it's at.  I can't say enough good things about it.  The sooner we can get this kid out of diapers, the better, as far as I'm concerned!

The weekend was so damn good - we did it up in style.  Friday we had our last swim at Lolly's.  Saturday was our last swim in the outdoor pool in our park before they closed it up.  Sunday we hung with our Discerning Coyote friend and JJ and S and their kids in the park before taking DC to Phoenix for his inaugural HK Style Cafe experience.  He's a big eater so it was nice to show him what we love about that kind of food.  Yesterday we went to Ward's Island for a picnic with S and P and some of their friends.  I loves me some Ward's Island, hard.  Yes, it's filled with hipsters who all have banging bodies and make you feel like hell for ordering mad Dairy Queen...but it's so nice to have a sand beach in Toronto.  I love living close to the beach!  I love having multiple beach options so accessible!  It feels like a bit more of an outing to pack up to the Island.
One of these people isn't thrilled about being part of this family.

All in all, it was a great wait to bid adieu to summer.

Tonight we had a tomato-basil tart with a salad of roasted peaches wrapped in proscuitto, arugala, and parmesan with balsamic vinaigrette.

Here's a video of the Big Yam doing his extra consonant thing at the end of words:


Bonus video of him saying "Chewbacca" on his Tumblr.


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