Tuesday, August 07, 2012

You can't go home again

For the past week we've been living at Momma D's house and loving life, because she has stuff (like a dishwasher and central air and a beautiful garden and patio), that we don't have, and she's been away for the past week at a cottage, so it's been like living at a really nice B&B.  She came home on Sunday night and we  IMMEDIATELY got into trouble.  She walked in and was like, "it smells like fish in here!" (I had made fish tacos for dinner), "you guys forgot to take out the garbage!" "why is there a light on in the basement?" - you know, living with your parents type stuff.  The Dotytron and I were immediately chastened.  It's funny but also kind of exasperating, in the way close, sustained contact with parents can be.

My sister sent up Miss Ramona and Little Ze to stay with my mum for two weeks so that she and Uncle Rico could get stuff done without the kids underfoot and so that she could save on summer camp.  So we had them on Thursday (my birthday) for the day.  WE SPENT LIKE, A HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS.  WTF?!?  I'm willing to bet that a week of camp for the both of them would be $75.  Bruce Wayne took them to LaserQuest and Canada's Wonderland, and so between the various groups of us, hanging out with them costs us minimum $100 a day.  We had a really good time though and the Big Yam was thrilled (thrilled!!!) to be hanging with his cousins.  We went to St. Lawrence and picked out picnic stuff and then took the ferry to the island and went to Centreville and sent the kids on the Scrambler.  It was a good day:

For the record, I had stuck my head in the cut-out for the big-chested lady on the left there, but the Dotytron didn't see me and cut me out of the photo!  We also saw a kid get her head "stuck" in the far right hole before us and we almost died laughing as she started freaking out.  We're horrible people.

LOL @ the Big Yam's expression!

Then we went to Libretto on the Danforth for dinner and shocker of shockers, the kids ate a D.O.P margherita pizza (first picking off the basil)!!!  Colour me impressed.  

The rest of the weekend was a blur.  We had a picnic on the beach with a bunch of high school peeps on Saturday night which was the funnest.  It was mostly remarkable because the Dotytron for once relaxed his anxieties about having the Big Yam fall asleep in someone else's house while we were out, so when a storm rolled in and we decamped to B & G's house, we swung by Momma D's, filled a bottle, and then got to continue our night instead of just going home and putting the Big Yam to bed close to his normal bedtime, which is what the Dotytron usually has us do.  We gave him a bath at B & G's and then he fell asleep in my arms while we were talking at their table and then we put him down on some quilts on the floor and we got to stay out super-late and drink more wine and eat grilled haloumi and sausages!  Huzzah!  Success!

My weird, erratic, and illogical approach to lower carb continues (kinda sorta).  This weekend was filled with good eating:

We grilled up the leftover leg of lamb and ate it with tzatiki and chimichurri, more cauliflower patties, and a quick-pickled cucumber salad with dill.

The offending article: haddock fish tacos with cabbage-carrot slaw, crema, guacamole, and this tomatillo salsa and ranchero salsa from La Tortilleria.  So yes, the house smelled like fish but these were DELICIOUS.  

The Dotytron and the Big Yam made me a birthday cake!

So we started watching The Newsroom and like, immediately didn't love it.  I find it preachy and didactic and like I'm getting a lecture in media awareness.  I feel like it's kind of unnuanced (I would argue that Season 5 of The Wire had a much more realistic-feeling depiction of the constraints on the news) and the soap opera elements bother me.  I don't love how close together Alison Pill's eyes are and it freaks me out. I also don't love how her love interest looks like the bad son from the movie Parenthood (i.e. "Wolfie" from Amadeus). We found the use of music kind of heavy-handed and maudlin.  It's just not our thing.  The clincher was when they played that Coldplay song "Fix You" at the end of an episode.  Coldplay makes my skin crawl.  I made two mistakes: 1) telling Lolly that I didn't like the Newsroom.  I think she's mad at me because of it!  Which is also kind of hilarious, in a mad-cap comedy of errors kind of way? 2) telling Momma D that I hate that song.  She likes the song.  A lot.  As the Dotytron said, in reference to me always expressing my opinion around his parents, "it's always safest to NOT give your opinion...the likelihood that there will be overlap is minimal," and yet, in the grand tradition of me assuming that everyone shares my taste, I continue to blunder into these types of situations with my outlaws.  Like when I said that I find blonde children disgusting.  It didn't go over well, to say the least.  Why is it that Aziz Ansari can say that he thinks white babies aren't as cute as other babies (he says it looks like they're not done baking) and it's funny, but when I say essentially the same thing (i.e. that blonde children are disgusting to me), it doesn't fly?  The type of blonde child is very specific.  If any of you have the board book by Mem Fox, Time for Bed, there's a blonde kid who pops up in the last two pages who is the epitome of what I find disgusting.  Hit up an Indigo and holler back at me.

In other news: I've hit a SERIOUS block with my New York Times crossword puzzling.  I have like, 7 unfinished puzzles on the go and it's infuriating!  I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT WILL SHORTZ, YOU SADIST!!!  

In other, other embarrassing news, at the BBQ on Saturday, the crew we were rolling with are pretty well versed with their global affairs.  They read The Economist (which I keep vowing to start, but the print is so small!!!) regularly and one of them is in Egypt right now and our friend B grew up in Lebanon.  Anyway, I didn't know that like, Aleppo was a city in Syria.  I just knew it as a pepper.  Whoops.  Live and learn, live and learn.  

Hopefully this ^^^ will help get me temporarily up to speed.  Guys, I DON'T WANNA READ THE ECONOMIST!!!  Is that so wrong?  But then...but then maybe it would help me with these crossword puzzles.  GAH.


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