Friday, August 24, 2012

Roughin' it.

Well, we're back in the house.  Painting is still going on so right now our downstairs looks like this:

The Dotytron is champing it up largecore.  He basically cleaned most of the kitchen yesterday and hauled all our stuff back from Momma D's house.  After we put the Big Yam down to sleep last night we finished up the kitchen so at least we can cook/live there.  I did the bathroom on the weekend (did I mention I spent like, 8 hours cleaning our house on the weekend AFTER THE COTTAGE?  I also pulled a classic me and moved like, a couch and all our furniture around to facilitate said cleaning because when I want to get 'er done, I somehow can summon the strength of 10 mes.  It's pure willpower).  So we can live in our bedrooms and we ate dinner outside on our neighbour's stoop and played outside with the kids until it was bed, so it just feels like a regular summer evening.

SO HAPPY TO BE BACK HOME.  I LOVE LIL' UGMO!  I LOVE OUR NEIGHBS!  Everyone was out in full force last night and it was so, so nice.  A bunch of the houses are going on a group camping trip together this weekend so one of our neighbs had a tent and sleeping bag set up and the kids were going buck in there.  Super cute.

The PeaPod.  The Roomie and L'Armi lent their PeaPod for us to take to the cottage we rented with Momma D and I was so promptly enamored with it that I went out and bought the next size up.  It's basically a little travel bed/tent for kids to sleep in - THAT FOLDS UP TO WEIGH 5LBS.  It's miraculous!  I can't say enough good things about it.  It comes with an inflatable air mattress and all kinds of zips and things so that if you were, say camping, you could have a baby or a toddler snoozing without worrying about bugs and whatnot.  It makes a great, portable travel bed (versus a pack'n'play) and it's so practical and ingenious I can't say enough about it.  I am definitely considering getting rid of our pack'n'play and only doing PeaPod.  I bought mine second hand from Kijiji.  The biggest size (the one I got) is the PeaPod Plus and it's just under 4.5' long (the PeaPod was a little snug for the Big Yam).  This thing is awesome.

The Dotytron went on a canoe camping/bachelor party trip from Friday to Sunday for our friend B.  They canoed down the French River and now the Dotytron has the camping bug, baaaaad.  I think I've been bitten, too.  I'm kind of outdoorsy and I love the packing and preparation and organizing that goes into planning a camping trip (it's basically like emergency preparedness light).  I also love canoeing and being tough and cooking over a fire.  Car camping is less appealing to me.  I would much rather take a deuce in a hole in the woods than use a "comfort station" that's been mauled by a million other families.  I like being away from it all.  The Roomie and L'Armi are big campers and so is Ping.  I think we might do something next summer.  Nothing with a crazy portage but maybe a big canoe out to a site or two.  It's definitely something I want to try and I think I would have a super-fun time doing it.

Right now we have like, negative gear so we'll see how it goes.  I was harranguing the Dotytron leading up to the trip by constantly reminding him that he was moving out of the house for renos and from his mom's house he was going to a cottage for a week AND from there a camping trip, so he had to pack accordingly.  He got testy with me for nagging so I shut my trap with the end result being that the Dotytron brought NOTHING with him.  No tent. No sleeping bag. No pack.  Nothing.  If it weren't for the fact that Pingy travels with camping gear and loaned him everything, he would have been royally screwed.

The Big Yam is KILLING us lately.  I still have to capture video of the "baby toe" talking.  He also does this thing where some words that end with "p" (like "nap") he hads a "t" sound to, so he says "napT" with an extra-enunciated T sound so you can't miss it.  He also does this weird thing where sometimes he repeats the last sound in a word (generally with hard consonants).  So if he says "snack" it sounds like "snack-kuh-kuh-kuh."  I don't know if it's like a nervous tic or anything (he doesn't strike me particularly nervous) but for right now, it's adorable, and this is coming from someone who has a lifelong hate-on for Porky Pig.

I'm going to come back at you tomorrow with a slew of book reviews.  I've been reading up a storm.


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