Sunday, July 01, 2012

Lucky Button-ing

I'm on day 3 of my 4 day long weekend and feeling awash with love and general good vibrations.  It's been lovely so far.

On Friday I hooked up with Momma D and we walked around and took the Big Yam to the wading pool where he pretty much had the best time of his life.  The one we went to looks out onto Queen Street and so not only is there a playground and a wading pool, there is also a non-stop cavalcade of streetcars, buses, and at one particularly thrilling (for him) moment: a FIRETRUCK BEING TOWED BY A GIANT TOW TRUCK.  He was loving life.

Then we went to this new place that opened up in Leslieville called Paulette's.  They sell fried chicken and doughnuts, which would be a winning combination, but unfortunately, the doughnuts leave a lot to be desired.  Before I put it to rest, I'll definitely try the fried chicken but I wasn't impressed.  It's a lot of style, very little substance.  The place is cute, all turquoise and the servers are all kitted out with little paper hats and white aprons, like old soda shop servers.  The branding is fantastic.  Oh that the food tasted as good!  The outfit is small, one lady takes your order and two other people behind the small counter grab your doughnuts (from a rolling rack) and your chicken (from some kind of oven/holding device).  Even though all the food is prepared and ready to go, it takes a loooong time to get it.  I went 4 days after they had opened though, so I'll forgive them as they iron out the kinks.  Of the 6 kinds of doughnuts offered, we got 5 (they were sold out of the strawberry jammies).  Blueberry balsamic, root beer float, mango-yuzu, and the D'oreo.  Now this is where things start to go awry: ALL THE DOUGHNUTS ARE THE SAME CAKE BASE AND THE ONLY FLAVOUR DIFFERENTIAL IS THE GLAZE!  Now, if any of you have ever been to Doughnut Plant, you know that they do cake AND yeasted doughnuts and the glazes, cake doughnuts, and the fillings differ, offering different flavour profiles and experiences.  Not so Paulette's.  It's all the same nutmeg-flavoured white cake doughnut base.  The doughnut itself is nice - tender, good crumb, nice amount of nutmeg.  But it's not $2.75 nice (the size is the same as a Timmy Ho's).  Then they make the criminal mistake of DOUSING the doughnut in saccarine, unbalanced, and one-note glazes.  

So yes, the Root Beer Float doughnut tastes like a root beer float, but do I want that in a doughnut?  I'm not sure.  The mango yuzu tastes (and I lOVE yuzu) tastes like the concentrated mango puree straight outta the package with barely any hints of yuzu.  The D'Oreo one actually didn't taste at all like an oreo - the flavour was really muted.  The best one was by far the blueberry balsamic - it wasn't too sweet and the balsamic acidity cut through and allowed the other flavours to shine.  That was the only doughnut where I could eat the whole thing.  Everything else, I took one bite and had to put it down.

I'll reserve judgement until I try their fried chicken, but since they only do two things, the fact that one of those things was disappointing doesn't bode well.
Regardless, we had an awesome morning/afternoon with Momma D.  I was ridiculously productive in the morning with the Big Yam.  We banged out meringues for pavlova, strawberry ice cream base, scallion mayo, scape pesto, cornflake crunch, and prepped and shelled 3 lobsters (Bill's was having a deal of 3 1lb lobsters for $23) For dinner I made us this wicked (if I do say so myself) meal of some of my favorite things: lobster rolls (just lobster meat, a bit of celery, bound with scallion mayo and served in a split, buttered, pan-toasted bun) with deep fried pickles (I prefer pickle spears) and chips (bought).  So good!  The Dotytron and I had our doughnut tasting on the front stoop during dusk and then capped it off by playing street badminton.  Love!
 Saturday morning breakfast: rapini, roasted pepper & goat's cheese frittata w/ scape pesto.

Saturday we got our errands done and then my sis and my outlaw bro and the kids came over and we fed them Burger's Priest and then went to the pool and splash pad and had a blast.  Then we went to celebrate Poh Poh's 90th Birthday with a big banquet in Markham.  The Big Yam ate a tonne!  He does this weird thing where he gets more adventurous with food the more full he is.  He was starving and ate his entire snack trap of cheerios and dried fruit and then crushed his milk and THEN went on to go to town on shark's fin soup, steamed fish, fried rice, and lobster.  So much lobster.  We also rigged him up to look like one of the staff at Guu.

Today we're having brunch with my siblings and then Montreal I is coming to stay with us and we're going to dine with the Roomie and family.  Fun!


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