Tuesday, July 31, 2012


On Friday the Dotytron and I had the Big Yam sleep over at Momma D's and we went out to a bomb-a** old skool jungle party.  That music is like, 20 years old.  Crazy-cray.  This is how far I am from my raving days:

1) I was originally wearing my Birkenstocks and then realized they didn't go with my outfit so I changed into a pair of flats.  The Dotytron is like, "You changed into those shoes?!?!" and I explained my outfit-consistency rationale.  Then we get to the party and I'm like, "Oh yeah.  Right."  Because, in jungle, EVERYONE WEARS RUNNERS.  It's like, a ballgown and KSwiss.

2) One of the MCs called "Hold tight for the DJ Lush and Marcus" and I asked the Dotytron, "are they here?" and he says to me, "He said, 'HOLD TIGHT'.  YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!  YOU'VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO 'HOLD TIGHT'"  LOL!

Basically, everyone looked the same as in our halycon raving days of yore, except like, fatter.  In some cases - MUY fatter.

It was the best.  I heard about a zillion tunes that I loved and rude bass and I danced and we were out super late and it was the funnest.

Right now we're living at Momma D's house which is *high sing-songy voice* THE BOMB.  She has a dishwasher!  She has central air!  She has this gorgeous giant backyard patio/garden with wicked patio furniture that we can lounge on like kings!  It's amazing.  I'm having a minor struggle trying to adapt my weekly menu plan to a white person kitchen (e.g. Uncle Ben's rice in the cupboard, no room temperature butter, no food processor), but other than that, we're loving the access to a comprehensive cable package and whatnot.

On Saturday night we had Dr. Rei and Hanbo over for swimming and then a dinner of lobster rolls, deep fried pickles, and corn pudding and chocolate pudding pie and then we played two games of Settlers and it was so good.  Seriously, playing Settlers with those guys is hilariousness.  Like Dr. Rei and I spilling glasses of water on the Settlers board within minutes of each other.  And Hanbo and the Dotytron going down the water slide at the pool.  So good.

Sunday we met up with SMckay and the FroYo Baron in Kensington for pedestrian Sundays which was crowded.  As the Dotytron said (or sang, rather): "You pay a million dollars, to hang out with bums" - which basically sums up our experience.  Pluses: dulce de leche filled churros from Don Churros, good snacks.  Minuses: me getting snookered into spending SIXTEEN DOLLARS on TWO tostadas from foodie favorite Agave y Aquacate.  I'm like, seriously?!  Two chicken tinga tostadas?  While they were tasty, eight dollars is highway robbery, in my humble opinion.  The other thing is that the Dotytron got it into his head that we should get a $5 portrait of the Big Yam done by this sketch artist who had set up shop.  Basically, the price is based on how much time she spends on the picture - $5 for five minutes, $10 for 10 minutes, etc.  The artist had sample portraits displayed that showed the level of detail you get for each price category.  These were really good.  I'd say on par with what you'd find at a high-traffic boardwalk/beach (like Malibu-calibre or something).  So we got a $5 portrait done.  At one point she says to the Big Yam, "can I see your eyes?" and then she hands over the portrait:

Ummmm...THAT'S NOT MY KID.  LOL!  We basically paid $5 for a picture of some other kid.  I'd say the only part that looks like the Boobla Khan is the top right 2" quadrant of hair/forehead.  The Dotytron was like, 100% she didn't do those other sample portraits.  We were laughing about how she asked to see the Big Yam's eyes and then DIDN'T DRAW HIS EYES AT ALL.

So hilarious.  We're going to take him to Scarborough Town Centre where they have one of those booths where you can get a "hand-drawn" portrait done in a number of styles.  Like, the Dotytron and I have a Rembrandt version of us when we were young pups that is one of our favourite photos of us of all time.

Last night for dinner I made us Baltimore crab cakes with andouille sausage, corn, and tomato-cucumber salad.  Pretty simple.

Tonight we had pulled pork sandwiches and mashed cauliflower and cheese patties and coleslaw:


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