Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cottage photo dump

We're back.  Nothing much to say, really.  We had a lovely, quiet, relaxing time.  The cottage was perfect - well-stocked (really, the owner thought of everything), gorgeous, spacious, new.  Most importantly, there was about 100ft of sandy, beachy shoreline across the front and the water was only about a foot and a half deep at the end of the dock.  Which meant that we could lounge on the deck and the Big Yam could entertain himself nicely on the beach or wading.  I'd definitely go back to this cottage - it was perfect for young kids. 

It was nice to have some quiet family time with the Dotytron's family.  Poppa D's presence was missed and felt and remembered.  

Here's a photo dump:

 The Big Yam's art installation

 Psyching himself up for his first real "boat" (of the paddle variety) ride.  He was super-pumped but then his expression changed to this when we actually started getting the boat ready.

 The owners had cleared away a lot of trees near the front of the property, which made it look a lot more open than the classic, rugged shoreline I generally prefer.  This did mean that the frontage got plenty of light though, and in exchange, you get the sandy beach area.

 Momma D treated us to wing night at the local bar/restaurant/hotel (the Schmeler).  The Big Yam sitting at the bar.

Coming back home to a giant, sweltering wet sweater of a city was a bit of a drag.  Today is the annual street party, though, so that will be fun.  After some pizza and splash-padding yesterday I was happy to be home.


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