Thursday, July 05, 2012


I dreamed that I was attending the wedding of this girl who used to post extensively on Tribe Magazine and who I was kinda rave friends with back in the day (Booty Bits, for those who know!) and her wedding was big and obnoxious but was happening AT THE SAME TIME as the princess of Thailand's wedding.  The princess of Thailand's wedding featured like, choreographed street dancing and I remember thinking it was SO RUDE for Booty Bits to be doing her thing right next door.

Then the dream shifted and I was in line to get this thing called "bubble ice cream" which is ice cream that takes the form of the outline of a like spherical and thin.  Anyway, you could get a base ice cream and have it topped with bubble ice cream so I ordered mint with oreo bits and what the staffer (who was totally slow and inept) gave me was mint flavoured with Diet Coke and Cherry Coke with the oreos.  I was pissed!  Then she scooped my brother's ice cream which was chocolate (he was also getting the bubble ice cream topping) but had it sitting there for a while so by the time she handed him the cone (standard styrofoam cone, not sugar cone), the chocolate ice cream had melted and was oozing and dripping down the cone so the bubble ice cream staffer picked it up, GAVE IT A LICK ALL AROUND THE CONE TO CLEAN IT UP and then passed it to Bruce Wayne.  Bruce Wayne and I looked at each other for a beat and then I said, "ummm, that's not okay" and that's how the dream ended.



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