Monday, June 04, 2012

The weekend damn near killed me...

but it was a near-death from love.  Overall, the verdict was yay! on all fronts.  The Dotytron was a tougher sell and he was definitely way more foul owl about it than I would have liked, but in the end, we survived and had a tonne of good times with our friends, too.

We got a reprieve because softball was cancelled on Friday, but we both passed out at like, 9pm.  Straight exhausted.  Then there was the usual Saturday morning trying-to-make-it-to-swimming-before-parent-and-tot-is-over mad dash.  Taking a child under the age of 4 swimming is a colossal ordeal.  We seriously end up packing like we're going for a week at the cottage - for 30 minutes in the pool!  It's nuts.  I do love the community centre though - it's got this soaring ceiling and looks all mid-century with these lovely exposed's just gorgeous.  Lunch was good.  We went to this restaurant called Ming Lou that specializes in Chiu Chow cuisine.  It was good.  Decent, kind of unmemorable...I'm not sure why my mum likes it so much, but it's the only time we ever get Chiu Chow food, so I was down.

Hardwood flooring shopping was okay.  There's like, a million stores in the Victoria Park and Steeles area so we went to the super-reputable one and then walked around and pitted the other ones against each other.  I'm a fan of any place that won't charge us tax if we pay cash, and there were plenty of options for that.  So we were going to end up at R & R's mega early so we started driving around Markham, checking out the 'hood where the Dotytron grew up and our old high school, which has since been demolished and rebuilt so we drove by it.  We were trying to kill time and get the Big Yam to fall asleep, so the Dotytron took me on a guided tour of so-called "notable" houses (read: random friends of his from high school.)  It was kind of hilarious: "there's Kevin ___'s house, and look! That's Mrs. ___, and Mr. ____, still playing golf I see."  I think seeing Mr. and Mrs. ____ unloading their car right when we happened to be driving by, made his day.

R & R was fun times as usual.  Can't go wrong with that crew.  Our afternoon basically consisted of forcing them to play Settlers, then abandoning the game midway through, the Dotytron giving R a guitar lesson, me and R taking the Big Yam to the park, and them making us a delicious dinner that I inadvertently insulted.  Aces.  They put out this awesome platter of proscuitto, burrata, tomatoes, and toast for snacking on while playing Settlers.  I'm going to let that sink in a bit.  WHEN YOU COME TO OUR HOUSE YOU GET CHIPS AND COKE ZERO.  'Nuff said.  Then they served us pasta puttanesca and this delicious radicchio salad with crispy pancetta.  So R made a joke about "you don't make friends with salad" and I go, "I also don't think you make friends serving a vegetarian entrée" because I was thinking about this meal we were served ages ago by someone and it was eggplant steaks and I was PISSED.  But of course, I stuck my foot about 10 feet down my mouth because I didn't realize PASTA PUTTANESCA IS A VEGETARIAN ENTREE.  Rude fact.  So basically I got all flustered and hated myself and everyone took turns giving me the gears.  Then we came home and I was making semifreddo at like, 10pm.  Crazy go nuts.

Ladies dim sum brunch was fun.  We got there before 11am so it was half priced dim sum...super cheap and tasty and filled with neighbourhood gossip.  The baby shower was lovely - nice to catch up with peeps and of course eat a million pounds of cake.  The Big Yam had a bit of a hard time.  This little girl who was about 3 months older than him was terrorizing the poor lad.  She was a crazy b***h!  She kept pinching his cheeks and grabbing fistfuls of his shirt and then pushing him and pinching his arm.  It's the first time I've ever seen the Boobla try to push another kid away from him.  Seriously.  He's notorious for being so chill and laid back.  When he was just learning to sit up one of the little girls in the neighbourhood pushed him over and he fell back on his back and he just lay there, unfazed.  He took the abuse well,'s tough to watch.  I don't like to be a super-protective high strung parent and I want him to figure out his own problems, and the parent of the crazy b was putting her daughter in time out and stuff...but she was still all up in his grill.  He would just keep trying to take shelter behind me or the Dotytron and would kind of stoically hold her at arm's length.  Good little guy.

Then we had dinner at B & G's house, which was absolutely lovely.  We had a mezes style Mediterranean meal of kebabs and pita and hummous and olives outside on their deck and we had my semifreddo for dessert.  I nailed the semifreddo.  It was layers of toasted almond meringue with lemon curd and vanilla semifreddo.  I'm definitely going to make it was sooo good!

So we were exhausted when we came home and I don't think I'll do this much scheduling again on a weekend, but we survived and we're ultimately lucky we have so much love and good people in our lives.

 The semifreddo - looks at how nice and refreshing that looks!

Tonight's dinner of whole wheat fusilli, shrimp, and rapini in a "sauce" of olive oil, lots of garlic, and chili flakes.  Shouts to Dr. Rei for the inspiration for this one!


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