Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mia Familia

I know EVERYONE'S family is super annoying and f**ked up but I feel like my family is particularly annoying and f**ked up and I need to vent.

I have no problems with my siblings, but my mum (the Teenaged Drama Queen) and Big D are driving me crazy.  My bio-dad has basically excised himself out of my life and I don't feel either here or there about that, so obviously it's no biggie.

I know other people who have weird family members so I get it.  I just kind of wish that you could be more open about how messed up your parents are, so that there's no veil of secrecy around things.  The thing is, when you're raised on a diet of The Cosby Show or ALF or even Beverly Hills, 90210 and you see like, stereotypical parents who like hanging out with their kids and grandchildren and know how to dispense advice and be supportive, it totally warps your expectations (FTR: I'm obviously only talking about Jim and Cindy on 90210 - the other parents on that show were wacksauce - especially you, Jackie Taylor, and to a certain extent, you, Scott Scanlon's mom).

Anyway, I feel a weird sort of loyalty to my family (I guess it's not that weird, seeing as how they raised me and all) and so I don't spend that much time dishing about their weirdness, but I wish everyone was more open about how weird their parents are so I could have a better sense of what's an acceptable level of infuriating behavior and what isn't.

Unrelated, and on a happier note: watching the Dotytron watching old episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 is seriously the best.  Like, I'll be sitting on the couch reading a book and he's sitting next to me, firing up some 90210 on Netflix and Brenda will be flipping out at Dylan buying a frozen burrito for dinner and forgetting laundry detergent when she's moved in with him because Jim and Cindy won't accept their relationship, and I'll look up at him and he'll be LAAAAUGHING to himself like it's the funniest thing ever.  Which, in turn, becomes the funniest thing ever, to me.  The Dotytron and his sister have an unparalleled capacity to watch old episodes of 90210.  It's a strange, strange gift.


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