Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's get physical

I had my physical yesterday.  Let me tell you: NOBODY gets more out of their health tax dollars than me.  I grilled my doctor!  My agenda:

1) my suspicions about the new guidelines that moved pap screenings from yearly to every three years (if you've had 3 normal paps in a row)
2) how I'd only lost 5lbs from last year even though I'd taken up running 5km 3 times a week and bike 12km 5 days a week
3) the associated risks with CT scans
4) the results of my blood work (my cholesterol is a blip higher than they like to see, but my good cholesterol is higher than my bad cholesterol and my bad cholesterol is well within the normal range, as is the ratio between good and bad
5) assorted lady parts questions
6) assorted questions relating to hypochondriac fears about cancer
7) how the colon is another name for the long intestine

It was epic.  I basically stretched a 45 minute visit into an hour and a half.  But I really like my doctor.  He's super nice and he likes me and is a big proponent of informed consent.

So...I reached my goal of 5km in 30 minutes.  It was kind of anti-climatic since I continue to hate running with every fibre of my being.  Good thing the running has been made slightly more bearable by the cool weather we had this past week.

I got an opportunity to work on a project for a group at work that I could see myself moving to someday (and it's why I got the degree).  I don't know if they envision me joining them, but there's nothing I can do about that.  It's been consuming a lot of my time and resulted in me taking work home a lot this week.  I finally got the project done so I feel so much lighter!  I also feel kind of exposed because the Manager of the branch is going to be editing it and I don't want him (or whoever in the office who is going to be looking at it) to be all like, "Hey Dummy! Why'd you write such a dum-dum dummy paper? Dummy."  Ugh.

Now I just have to finish a wee little 10 page paper next week and I'll be DONE MY DEGREE!!!  WOWEE ZOWEE!!!

So, we've been getting contractors to come by and quote us on jobs.  We've had about 4 quotes back so far  that have been in the 4-5gs range.  I get a quote from this one guy, which is TWENTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  I was like, "Is you tweaking?!?"  So I wrote him this email where I'm like, "IS YOU TWEAKING?!?" Just kidding, yo.  But I did get all stern-mom on him and was like, uhhh, just so you know, this is about $18,000 more than the other quotes we've received so I think you're misjudging your work, your audience (ie. he came to see our house, it's not like we're living in Forest Hill) and my knowledge of the cost of materials and labour.  So he got all apologetic and is going to come back with his partner to re-quote the job.  LOL!

Tuesday night's dinner was amazing.  I made that rapini (blanched, then sautéed with oil and garlic), fresh mozzarella, and spicy tomato jam panini.  Obsessed!

Tonight we had a lentil, bacon, spinach salad with fried goat's cheese and toast.

I took tomorrow off.  Four day weekend say what.  Although a good portion of it will be spent cleaning our house, which needs an enema of a cleaning.

Somebody thinks they're hilarious.


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