Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Growing up means never having to say you're sorry

...or at least, that's what a certain Big Yam seems to believe.  We hung with Dr. Rei and Hanbo at Trinity Bellwoods on Sunday and we played catch and badminton while the Big Yam played on the playground.  At one point, he was climbing up to get on an upper platform to use the slide and this other kid (about 3 maybe?) stuck out his hand in the "STOP" manner and wouldn't let him up.  I can still see the expression on the Boobla's face and it's HILARIOUS.  He was just kind of like, "Uhh...NO." But I went over and intervened.  Later, Dr. Rei and the Dotytron went sprinting into action when the Big Yam was apparently FACE PUSHING the other kid because HE was on the upper platform and the other kid was trying to climb up.  LOL!  So funny.  Then I dragged him over to say sorry to the other kid and he got all stubborn and refused to make eye contact with either me or the kid.  It was bad (because I obviously want him to grow up to be kind and respectful and PLUR and all that) but also hilarious.  He's always been so laid back and chill that seeing him come to an awareness of his own boundaries and have some fight in him is funny.  I can still see the stubborn set to his face when I told him to say sorry, and how studiously he was avoiding eye contact with the aggrieved party.  He was having none of it.

The other problem *might* be that when I get him to say sorry to me, or his Nana or someone he knows really well, he does it by giving a lip-kiss.  So it could be that he was all like, "Lady, I'm not kissing a stranger" about things.

Dr. Rei made us an awesome low-key meal of pasta salad, cured meats, cheeses, and bread and we brought tzatiki, olives, and strawberry shortcake.  I'm LOVING these kinds of easy, low-key entertaining mezes meals lately.  It's so laid back and chill and no cooking and no fuss.

This followed up our Saturday night at Momma D's Gourmet Dinner Club, which has been running for about 25 years now?!?  I know, crazy!!!  The host makes the meat/protein so we did a Middle Eastern grill (mezes!) theme and I made kofte kebabs and a pork (was supposed to be lamb) shawarma.  People made hummous, fattoush, this delicious chilled zucchini and yogurt soup and desserts and vegetable sides.  They were telling us that back in the day, they used to do homemade breads, a pate course, etc.  It's cute.  Everyone was thrilled to meet the Big Yam.   

We also went floor shopping and have settled on our new floors (if we go ahead with the renos).  Well, we're torn between ash hardwood or bamboo.  Both are in a tone that matches what we currently have, which we like.  The bamboo is cheaper and has no tax.  The ash has more of a traditional wood grain, which the Dotytron likes.  I like the bamboo because it's cheaper and has no tax, AND it's a sustainable product, which makes my inner enviro feel good.  I dunno.  But we also found our hardwood floor installer, who is like, Kris Kristofferson crossed with David Lee Roth.  Think, super-tanned, leathery, skin, silver chains, sleeveless ripped shirt, jeans, those weird Teva-y dad sandals, and a voice like Sam Elliot crossed with the Marlboro Man.  He's AWESOME.  As the Dotytron said, "it's like he was put on this earth to install floors." LOL!  

I think I'm also going crazy because I'm thinking of going with all white with the downstairs of the house.  All white with the dark wood floors...the Scandinavianess of that speaks to me somehow, but I know I don't have Scandinavian-type accessories that will make Lil' Ugmo look like the design magazine spread in my head, so I think I'll stick with the colour.

Anyway, last night we were flipping through the Big Yam's alphabet flash cards and he spontaneously knew like, a 1/3 of the letters!?!??!!  That's crazy-cray!  We're so proud of him.

My former supervisor at work, T came breezing into my office yesterday and was all like, "Karl. Do you want zucchini blossoms?" and I was like, "OH HELL YES!" and she gave me a GIANT bag of fresh-from-the-garden blossoms.  So good!  So I came home and stuffed them with ricotta, lemon zest, grated mozzarella and dipped them in my tempura batter and fried them and we ate these with Smitten Kitchen's zucchini pancakes.  And a cucumber and dill salad.  Last night's dinner was an ode to the courgette.  Ha!  Everything was sooo good!  Obviously the zucchini blossoms were off the chain, but the pancakes were also good.  The onion in the recipe is what makes it.

We made them with spring onions from our CSA.  Our CSA is running a little differently this year, in that they don't want us to run a balance on our "extra" money each week.  But sometimes they don't have stuff I want to spend money on and I want to SAVE my balance for next week so that I can buy something big with my (now) $20.  Like, meat or something.  So each time I ask, the lady manning the booth pauses and says, "We encourage you to use up your credit each week" and it's getting me all annoyed.  As the Dotytron said, "I object to the wording."  LOL!  I love that guy.  Basically, if they just said outright, "this year, we're changing things and you have to use up your weekly credit each week," I'd be like, okay fine. But this whole "encouraging" thing is stupid.  Because that leaves open the door for me to DO WHAT I DAMN WELL PLEASE WITH MY CREDIT.  Sigh.  Hippies.  They're so disorganized!  It's all honor system so last week I ended up paying an extra dollar for chanterelles, but no one is like, monitoring things to make sure I haven't taken more or less than my fair share.  As I told the Dotytron, "Pay you once, shame on me. Pay you twice, forget about it."  Ha.  Just kidding.  I'll still pay.  But begrudgingly.


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